Sunday, May 26, 2013

The perfect time capsule: The Heights archives

Long before social media, blogs, and message boards started tracking every aspect of BC sports, there was The Heights. The student reporters captured some of the smaller stories that the Globe and Herald ignored and the writing always had a tinge of fandom that any BC SuperFan could appreciate. That's why when an Eagle Outsider poster linked to the Heights Archives, I dug into the old stories. Personally I enjoyed rereading the editions from my time on campus, but there are literally thousands of articles to read. Enjoy, but don't blame me when you find yourself searching old stuff much longer than you planned.


eagleboston said...

Atl, thank God it is pouring here this weekend and I can peruse the archives from the mid-80's (God's era). This might be a bigger time wasting activity than Facebook. Brings back a lot of memories, though.

mod34b said...

Text ATL. Great link

Funny one from 1982 (excerpt)

Crack Down on Tailgaters
by Michael Rolfes
"Attention All Tailgaters... Kegs will not be permitted at future games." Huh? So read the yellow flyer that mysteriously appeared on every windshield on lower campus before last Saturday's football game. A spokesman in the athletic department denied that the notice originated from there, but Dean of Students Edward Hanrahan SJ, revealed that the athletic department was in fact responsible. Said Hanrahan, "The bulletin, which is a revision of a similar one we passed last year, was sent out by the people in Athletics, and subsequently endorsed by myself."

Though the notice states that" kegs will not be prohibited at tailgates, Hanrahan denies this. "Kegs are not illegal yet. But if the abuse and litter problems continue, the kegs and perhaps all alcohol will be banned. Hanrahan agreed that the notice was a warning rather than a directive. Most of the tailgaters greeted the bulletin with cynicism.

Tony Kinsley '82 summed up the opinion of many fans. "Let's see BC try to tell the Alumni that they can't drink at their tailgates. There's no chance of it happening."

Erik said...

Funny tailgate stuff, mod. Funny part about "litter" is kegs would make less trash than the 200 cans and bottle my tailgate goes through. But at least now in the age of craft beer we get variety anyway.

mod34b said...

Voices from Dustbowl by one Bruce Pearl , BC '82. On change in drinking age:

Bruce Pearl A&S '82 Gov. King's untimely decision to raise the drinking age to 20, has altered my social life to a great extent. I believe that it was a poor decision because once you grant someone a privilege, it's not fair to take it away from them. The prime objective was to keep alcohol out of the hands of adolescents. Enforcement of the existing laws would have accomplished the same goal. You know we're going to drink, so what will we do? stay in the dorms, get buzzed, and destroy the place. Not exactly my idea of what a social life should be like at college...

mod34b said...

From Freshman John Bagely in October 1979

Do you think BC police should carry hand guns?

Bob Debois '83; John Bagley '83 A&S; Charles Miller *83 A&S (left to right) - "No. Because something accidently might happen. I don't think there's too much trouble going on on campus. This isn't a war, this is school. This isn't street life."

mod34b said...

Point is addictive!

On BC losing 52-17 to eventual national champ PSU

"Although the score seems to indicate otherwise, there were some bright spots in the Eagle performance. Doug Flutie completed 26 of 44 for 520 yards and Scott Nizolek caught eleven for 229 yards as the two set all-time BC records for passing and receiving yardage. The yardage totals also mark the highest totals ever registered against any Perm State team.

"What are you going to do. You can't get to him (Flutie)," said head coach Joe Paterno. "He's a great football player." ; "

Perm State broke some records of their own. Todd Blackledge completed 14 of 27 for 243 yards and set a Nittany career TD pass record with 39. Curt Warner carried 28 times for 187 yards, going over 3,000 and passing Lydell Mitchell for a career rushing record of 3,031. "1 wouldn't trade Warner for anyone," commented Paterno. "I don't think there's a better running back in the country."

mod34b said...

Not point. But "this is addictive"

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