Friday, May 31, 2013

Tweets of the Week


JBQ said...

I grew up on "Wheaties and Notre Dame". Notre Dame has become very controversial with the influence of Richard McBrien in theological realms. BC is actually the real Irish D-1 football playing school. As an Irish Catholic Navy vet, I welcome the hilarious comments of the Mormon Dr. Gordon Gee and they should be welcomed as such. Notre Dame has gravitated away from the hard nosed immigrant status of Knute Rockne and the Holy Cross Fathers who supported his greatness. They have become a "stuffed shirt" penthouse pseudo Catholic elite. The confrontation between Rich Gunnell and Jimmie Clausen in October of 2009 is a case in point.

Coast said...


Do you get out much from St. Louis? Boston College is no longer the home of blue-collar immigrants-- it is just as "elitist" as Notre Dame and Georgetown.

BC has come a long way from being a commuter school for kids who couldn't get into Harvard because they were Catholic.

You can get huffy about who is "the real Irish" all you want-- but try this test. Ask a random Joe on the street to name a Catholic university, and 9 times out of 10, he is going to name Notre Dame before Boston College.

JBQ said...

So! I'm one out of ten. Oh-rah for the left footed Jewish kid David Gordon and right into the bresd basket of Touchdown Jesus.

Lenny Sienko said...

JBQ: it is odd that you should criticize Fr. Richard McBrien as exerting a controversial influence upon Notre Dame.

Fr. McBrien also served as Professor of Theology at Boston College (1970-80) and as Director of its Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry (1975-80).

I remember Fr. McBrien from my graduate theology work in the Boston Theological Institute, which allowed cross registration at a number of excellent area schools. I found Fr. McBrien to be an excellent teacher, who was kind and generous with his students. I was sorry to see him leave BC; but I am also pleased to see he is alive and well---even if it is at that pretentious outpost in Indiana.

JBQ said...

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has rejected the evolutionary theology of this priest of the Diocese of Hartford. This is not the venue but BC has had plenty of controversy in the Theology Department but seemingly held within the so-called academic umbrella. This speaks highly of Father Leahy in his ability to juggle controversy and to allow its expression in the interest of intellectual development. The current controversy in the courts with the IRA Project is just one example. Actually, the importance of football pales in comparison.

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