Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You've got to watch Addazio's C21 talk

In April, Addazio took part in BC's Agape Latte series that is part of the school's Church in the 21st Century movement. He touches on all sorts of issues of his faith and how faith and Catholicism is so intertwined into the Boston College community. But that's not what makes the lecture a must see.

What I found fascinating starts a little after the 11:00 mark. For the first time Addazio confirms that he was scheduled to interview at BC until his knee infection kept him from getting to Boston. As we know, Gene promoted Spaz and wasted everyone's time for the next four seasons. Spaz taking over always seemed fait accompli, but Addazio's missed interview will remain a big "what if" moment for BC fans. If he got the job then, Addazio probably keeps Tuggle at QB and runs a spread offense from Day 1. Our offensive line probably would have maintained its tradition of excellence. I think it is safe to say recruiting would have been better. I don't know what we would have done on Defense. Even if Addazio had wowed Gene in a face-to-face interview, I bet keeping Spaz would have been a condition of the job. Think of how differently things would be now if we were in Year 5 of Addazio and not coming off back to back losing seasons. Addazio might not turn out to be our savior now, but I think he would have outperformed Spaz.

So enjoy the lecture. Addazio is good in this setting and you can see how his personality connects with people. Even if you are not interested in his faith, the football aspects and the BC aspects are still worth your time.


JBQ said...

I watched the video but the reception was terrible However, I did get the fact that coach is very passionate about what he does. Life experience and the molding of faith is very impressive. He talked of being at ND on 9-11 and his surprise at the Boston bombing. So far, everything is on the upgrade. He is laying a nice "foundation". However, "the proof is in the pudding". I would like BC to wear patches in memory of the two Martin kids that he talks about. The one boy died in the bombing and the little Irish dancer lost a leg.

Ry said...

How about BC wearing patches in honor of an actual alum who lost a leg?

eagleboston said...

I think they should just wear a Boston Strong patch in honor of ALL the victims.

JBQ said...

@eagleboston: Sounds like a good idea.

Big Jack Krack said...

I watched the entire video, and the reception was great - maybe a different PC?

Boy did DeNapoleon miss the boat in 2008. The guy couldn't wait and extra week or two? Maybe he should have flown to FL if Addazio was going to be laid up longer.

At any rate, we know what we got and we were "rocket-shipped right out of there" for 4 years, with additional pay obligations to 2015 for Tweedle De thanks to Tweedle Dumb.

What a farce - but we'll move forward now. Thanks Coach. Addazio - I like your approach.

Go BC and Boston Strong