Thursday, June 20, 2013

Addazio & Co on Vine now. (No really)

Addazio is all about Twitter and hashtags...and that's a good thing. It's a great tool and a good way to reach recruits. Now the new staff has gone one step further and started posting on Vine. I don't know if I can handle that. Regardless of your opinion on Vine, the fact that the coaching staff is using it already is a real example of forward thinking and challenging yourself. I don't use Vine and seeing these guys do it makes me feel a million years old. But I don't have to relate to high school kids as part of my job.

Addazio positioned himself as old-school, smash mouth, yelling and screaming coach. But it is clear he's a little more open-minded than that stereotype. If he takes that same approach to trying new things with regards to training, coaching or game management, BC might be the site of some exciting changes. I shake my head at Vine, but I love what it represents for BC Football. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go yell at Addazio and Brown to get off my lawn.


Eagle in Brighton said...

Good stuff. Not only is it the staff’s openness to try the new (with technology, slogan, etc.) that’s genuinely refreshing, but it’s their unabashed exuberance in doing so. So nice to see the staff in the “move fast and break things”/ “if you’re not putting yourself in a position to fail, you’re not trying hard enough” camp.

Don’t know if I’ve looked forward more to a re-building season.

EagleEagleEagle said...

FYI Instagram released a 15 second video capability today so.....RIP Vine. Daz and co. need to keep up!!!

eagleboston said...

What the hell is Vine? There is already too much time-wasting and impersonal BS on the internet. We don't need more crap added to the mix. More of this junk needs to die a la Myspace.

eagleboston said...

I do like the "Be a Dude" campaign. BC completely lost any sense of vision or identity under Spazoo, so I am delighted that Coach Daz has brought energy and a little bit of a catchy theme to the program. This guy is beginning to make Jags look mellow.