Saturday, July 13, 2013

BC still a cheap ticket and other links

BC is still one of the least expensive BCS game day experiences. As you can see, the list is filled with ACC teams. I am sure some of you might want to know more about the list's methodology (did parking and donations factor in? student seats?), but it shows BC still offers value. In my opinion we don't market the value enough given how expensive other sporting events are in the Boston area.

BC has an offer to Florida QB Sean White, but I don't expect him to be the our second QB.

Sailors Molly Clarke and Kelly Roy earned ICSA All-Academic honors.


NEDofSavinHill said...

Interesting to see the NFL top 100 players list. It doesn't seem to comport with the relentless hype about the SEC. If the SEC is easily the best conference then why doesn't it dominate the above list? In the 2010 list the ACC produced 22 players to the SEC's 13. If you add the Pitt and Syracuse players you get to 25. The 2012 list has 22 ACC( included Wilson from NC ST. on the ACC) and 18 SEC. Only looked at the top 30 of 2011 ( that year Matt Ryan was left out so it is less credible than the others) the ACC had 10 the SEC 2. If you add all those numbers up you get 57 for the ACC and a paltry 33 for the SEC. Where is the superiority? Is it just hype? All SEC games are played in Dixie with good weather and friendly refs. Why don't SEC players perform at the NFL level? Is it the weather? When was the last time an SEC team won at USC, Oregon, Boise, ND VT, BC or OSU? Decades ago?

Big Jack Krack said...

As a Flynn Fund donor, and one who can only make a few games per year in Boston, my tickets are pretty expensive. I don't want to give up my 50 yard line seats - especially when we are back on the upswing.

I go way back, so I feel as though I can express my opinion.

The Spaziani years were as bad as it has ever been - certainly since the 60s. Ed Chlebek's 0-11 squad was better prepared than Spaziani's teams.

BC is a great value for many fans - Go BC.

CT said...

That 10:14 post wins for Dumbest of the Year, thus far. Dead horse.

Count to seven. That's all that matters.

BTW, just off the top of my head, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Va. Tech, Texas, FSU, and Miami were all very recently beaten by SEC Teams on neutral or home fields.

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