Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Crazy Predictions: A Season Preview. Part 1: Chase Rettig will be All ACC

Having been at this a long time, I try to keep things fresh. For this year's Season Previews I am going to make a few outlandish predictions based on my hunches. 

Chase Rettig put up decent numbers but nothing that hints at greatness. Yet as the season nears, I am predicting a breakout or more a culmination of all his trials and tribulations. I think he makes an All ACC team this year (likely second team). No one expects this given our new coach and terrible offense. This is why I am optimistic:

-- Not so new offense. At this point Rettig is used to learning new offenses. The difference this year is that he already has a relationship with his OC. Vernacular might be different. The devotion to the run game might be new, but BC is still going to pass. We have to as it is only thing we know we can do. I expect Rettig will still put up good yardage numbers, but think the running game focus will help his completion percentage, sacks and turnovers.
-- The new staff loves him. That's the word on the street anyway. I think that confidence and aggressiveness will lead to improved play. It will also lead to influencing ACC voters. If the coaches are talking him up and he is backing it up with decent numbers, Rettig will get some "All ACC" love.
-- The other ACC QBs are not good. Who is really going to finish ahead of him? Boyd is probably first team, but are there any greats ready to fill the void around the conference? I like Rettig's chances. If we get to six wins, he is a lock for All ACC.

If you can't already tell, I am getting very optimistic about this season. I had the same optimism about Rettig last year but he couldn't overcome Spaz. Now he is a year older and wiser. He's seen it all. I think that experience does slow the game down and makes things easier for him. Throw in an aggressive mindset and I think you'll see more productivity and improved efficiency.


dixieagle said...

I have all the respect in the world for Rettig, who has been nothing but classy in the face of constant turmoil. I would love for him to have a solid year and get some recognition.

Christopher Bare said...

6-6 doesn't make him a lock for anything. Bryn Renner could have a great year and has shown more flashes of brilliance than Rettig. Maybe Logan Thomas finally lives up to potential at VT. There is a reason no one expect's Rettig to be All-ACC. I love BC, just don't see this one.

ATL_eagle said...


I don't think many will. Hence the "crazy predictions." My next one will be even more of a stretch.

JBQ said...

"Surfer dudes" are always relaxed under pressure. While everyone else is fighting off the rigors of a hot summer, he is laying on a beach and preparing for the rigors of the Fall. Huarte to Snow was hatched on the white sands.

eagleboston said...

"If you can't already tell, I am getting very optimistic about this season"

Does "very optimistic" mean we double our win total to 4 wins? 6 wins? Dare we say, 8 wins?

ccw said...

You're high if you think Rettig will get All ACC accolades ahead of Stephen Morris, Logan Thomas and Bryn Renner. Flat ignorant.