Thursday, July 11, 2013

TV Coverage of our lower-level games just got way better

One consistent complaint all of us share is the lack of preparation many broadcasters have when covering BC. Names are mispronounced. Generalizations and stereotypes about BC and Boston are embraced. It has  become funny because it is so frustrating. The further down the TV scale you go, often the worse it gets. There is good news on the horizon though as Wes Durham will now cover ACC football and basketball for Fox Sports South.

Most of you don't know or care about Durham, but he is the radio voice of the Falcons and has been the radio voice of Georgia Tech for the past 18 years. He's also hosted one of the best college football radio shows I've ever heard. Wes calls a great game and also does his homework. I've heard him talk about BC repeatedly and he doesn't just regurgitate the standard cliches.

Because his contract is with Fox Sports South, he will probably call a fair bit of BC games as we rebuild. ESPN and Raycom will still pick the first four ACC games each week, leaving Fox Sport South the right to pick the fifth or sixth game (which Wes will call). Those games will then be available on your respective regional Fox Sports Cable affiliate.

A mediocre broadcaster doesn't ruin a game, but a great one can make it better. I don't know how our team will play, but having a few Wes Durham calls ahead is something to look forward to.


Goberry said...

I'll never forget the 94 Notre Dame game when the legendary Keith Jackson incorrectly thought that "MA" next to a player's hometown meant that he was from Maine.
About ten times that game he would say a player was from somewhere like "Everett, Maine" or "out of Mansfield, Maine."

Lenny Sienko said...

Does Fox South enforce "blackout" rules? If I have it on my Direct TV package, will I be able to watch BC games on Fox South, even though I live in upstate NY?

JBQ said...

The '94 game was the year after the magical one. Why shouldn't Keith Jackson look down his nose at BC? ND dictated their terms of a 2 for 1 contract. BC had no pride and went along with those rules of engagement. If you don't believe in your own capacity for magic, why should ABC? Walt Disney was a failed Marine. Who had better magic? When BC lines up in the tunnel on 8-31, that is magic enough. It's called pride and it runs deep. In one manner or another, we are all standing in the tunnel and waiting for the game to begin.

CT said...

I'm standing in the tunnel waiting for the magic to understand what the hell that last comment meant.

Joseph said...

Be nice. JBQ has his own unique way of saying it.

Goberry said...

But since Disney didn't buy ABC until 1995, it was a little nonsensical (in more ways than one).