Saturday, August 10, 2013

Encouraging first scrimmage

Addazio wants to run, so we run...Chase Rettig included. That was the big takeaway from the first scrimmage. The BC write up had quotes from the coach. Those in attendance said it was a fairly balanced performance. Kimble is getting all the attention but reports are freshman Myles Willis showed good burst.

Chase Rettig ran three times. I don't love the idea, but he might need to run once or twice a game to keep the opposing Defense honest. True freshman James Walsh also got some snaps at QB. Unless he proves to be much better than our current backups, I don't see Walsh playing this year. They can probably reshsirt him and help his development.

A few players were dinged up, but no major injuries. Austin Tedesco was impressed with WR Harrison Jackson's play and Steven Daniels turned heads on defense.


Big Jack Krack said...

Some good and encouraging news here. Thanks Atl.

3rd down D is "light years" ahead of last year, etc. Daniels looks like he is really stepping up and picked off Rettig.

Go BC.

EL MIZ said...

can't find any HS highlight videos of Harrison Jackson. good to see a WR making plays though, Amidon is the only guy that has proven himself so far. Crimmins also apparently played well and has nice size.

RB depth was a big concern going into the preseason. by my count, Williams is the clear cut starter, with Dudeck and Kimble getting reps behind him as change of pace backs. both freshman (Willis and Rouse) have impressed so far as RBs (and both were legit playmakers in HS). that is 5 deep, with only 1 senior. i would guess that one of the freshman will redshirt since it doesn't appear likely the 4th string will get many carries.

next year we bring on both Outlow (from CT) and the Detroit RB, and will lose only one from the stable (Andre Williams is the only senior).

happy to hear Steven Daniels is stepping up and making plays. i have a feeling a bunch of players will shine with a DC and coaching staff that is not afraid to set them loose on offenses. the D the last 2-3 years was truly a joke, with the pathetic cushion and complete lack of any pressure whatsoever. i don't know the #'s, but we had to be a bottom of the barrel team RE: sacks for the past 2-3 seasons. Sylvia has also apparently had a great camp (Brown has been raving about him).

can't wait to see these guys at the end of the month in a real game.

John said...

I think the D will be much better this year.