Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Everyone is writing about Rettig and other links

The Heights wrote a nice feature on Chase Rettig. What stood out was this summation of his stats despite teh issues around him.

Of the 35 teams that allowed 30 or more sacks last season, only eight also had a 3,000-yard passer*. Rettig was one of them. These eight teams averaged 126 rushing yards per game. BC only averaged 90. The other schools in this grouping also didn’t have to rely on one receiver so heavily, like the Eagles did with Amidon. All of them, except for BC, had at least two wideouts bring in more than 600 yards.

Heights and Lows compared Rettig to Riley Skinner.

The Raiders cut John Wetzel.

BC is one of many teams interested in New Hampshire prospect Chris Garrison.


dixieagle said...

I have rarely wished for good things to happen to a player as I do for Rettig (aside from Herzy, of course.) He has been nothing but classy and positive in a truly demoralizing football climate.

Glad he's getting some notice, including the Senior Bowl watch list (along with Amidon, Edebali, and Ramsey.)

Goberry said...

100% agree with dixieagle.
Then again, if Rettig attempts more than ten passes this entire season with Daz at the helm, I'll be surprised.

Joseph said...
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Joseph said...

If he throws less than ten passes all season, then there will be zero Ws. Was there a major in negativity at the Heights at some point. Seems like we have a few point that graduated with that major Summa cum laude.

Big Jack Krack said...

I am really looking forward to Chase Rettig's performance this year with the new staff. Even though our WR's seem to be very inexperienced, I think we have some very good guys playing this position in addition to Alex and Spiffy, and Chase will find someone open most of the time.

I hope we don't have any additional personnel losses - but I am still optimistic for this season.

I hope Moore is okay long term and Sinkovec - not sure what his status is. We need good FB play for sure. Sink is a capable blocker and receiver.

I'm worried about Keyes, and hope Bordner can get back. I know there are several other injured players, and let's hope The Ferandina Flash can stay healthy.

Go BC - beat Villanova. The road back begins soon!