Monday, August 19, 2013

How much goodwill does Addazio have for Year 1?

I will post my predictions for the season next week. Not to spoil things, but I do think we will be decent this year. However, as we get closer to kickoff, I am starting to wonder how much leeway most fans will give Addazio? Does the team have to show improvement to make people feel better or is just being someone other than Spaz enough?

After talking, email and reading varied opinions, I don't think Addazio is totally Teflon. I think most fans would accept as few as four wins as long as the team plays hard, puts together a more exciting brand of football and looks like they are building toward something. Now here are the "what if"s that no one wants to talk about: What if we lose to Villanova? What if we lose to New Mexico State? What if we are 2-10 again?

That is where Addazio's track record hurts him. As Bill Connelly captured in his Temple write up, Addazio got this job despite a bad season last year:
"And despite the problems, Addazio -- clearly the most enchanting job interviewee on the planet this side of Charlie Weis -- fell up, taking the Boston College head coaching job.
That history will fuel any doubters if things turn bad in the first season.

Even though he hasn't coached a game yet, I've grown to like Addazio. I am very excited about the season and think he can build a winner here. I know he will get multiple seasons to prove himself, but I think early games are important. Goodwill is critical to any coach. You don't want to waste it all in the first year.


Big Jack Krack said...

Ok everyone - let's shake off the Napoleon/Hingham Baseball rust and cheer on our Eagles.

Right now H.C. Addazio gets plenty of leeway off his energy alone.

If we can stay reasonably healthy, we will be much improved this year.

One big turnaround for sure - we will play to win the game. Can anyone really imagine taking a knee with ample time on the clock in a college football game? What a stiff we were stuck with.

I will not be surprised if we score on Villanova very quickly.

Big Jack Krack said...

I once again have season tickets from 950 miles away, and I am attending the Wake Forest, Florida State and Army games (already booked the flights, etc.) as well as the USC game in L.A. It's a September filled with Eagles Football.

My Villanova tickets are in good hands.

Let's go BC.

dixieagle said...

It seems to me that we can't help but be a better conditioned, more exciting team than under "He Who Shall Not Be Named."

At the very least, some of Addazio's positivity has got to rub off on the team; that, in itself, will be a huge change. The addition of Don Brown will mean the end of me screaming at the TV when the old "bend but don't break" defense had - yet again - broken spectacularly.

One of the things that really aggravated me the last few years was how injury-prone and physically delicate the team was; I fully expect that Addazio and Piraino have taken that problem well in hand.

I am excited, and will cut Addazio some slack as long as I see toughness, hard work, and progress. His recruiting already has me in his corner.

It cannot possibly be any worse.

John said...

In years past we all would have been getting pretty excited with a week and a half to go before first kickoff.

We don't realize how much the lecherous pipsqueak and lazybones/Peter Principle killed our spirit.

Let's claim it back, BC. Let's get excited again. Our team and staff deserve it.

Jasmine said...

jack, it sounds like your loaded can i have a job?

chicagofire1871 said...

4 wins is probably the fewest Addazio can get away with. Lose to Villanova, Army or NMSU though and the ghost of Spaz will haunt the Heights again.