Monday, August 05, 2013

It is a start

With any new coach there will always be a lot of "first"s. First interview. First meeting. First recruit. It is all a bit overplayed since regardless of what one coach does early, careers are decided by W-L records over multiple seasons. Steve Addazio's big "first" will be the opener against Villanova. But that doesn't mean that today's first practice wasn't important.

Spring was Addazio's chance to get to know the roster and have the new staff gel. Summer the players work out, but there is no official interaction. These Fall practices are the first time the entire team has been together. All the new players are there and there are real games ahead.

Addazio said that the team responded well. It is still too early to be able to read between the lines like we could with TOB and Spaz, but I am taking him at his word.

I don't know how much was learned today or if it will matter once games begin, but I hope everyone around the program -- players and fans -- appreciate that this is new. We should be excited. No one knows what the future will bring, but we have hope. It is a start.

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