Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's a start

It wasn't pretty and it was too close for most of the day, but it was still a win. We are halfway to last season's win total and one step into our rebuild. 

As for the impressions, I didn't like the play calling (and I will get into that more later this weekend). I was also surprised with the defensive issues. Linebacker was supposed to be the strength, but didn't look it.

Even with the questions the game raised, we still have plenty to look forward to and I am excited it is football season again.

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday night.


mod34b said...

The play calling was about testing plays, players and the system. It is disappointing to see the frequent 1 yard run into the line (and even more disappointing that BC line could not manhandle ann FCS opponent's DL) and to see so many very short passes, but I think the coaches had run those plays to try to get the O and especially the OL to gel - A walk-before-you-run philiosophy. The OL needs to improve if we are going to be competitive with mid-tier ACC teams. They got a lot of practice in today.

This was a tuneup game (and a must win). It was a game to get ready for ACC play. I would not read too much into the play calling.

AlbanyEagle said...

Good point, Mod. I agree.

Still, it was painful to see the utter failure of the OL in run blocking. And, save for his one long run when he bounced outside, Williams was disappointing On the rare occasion a whole was made he'd pick up a yard or two, but looked slow and lumbering running laterally, couldn't overpower anyone, and just did not look quick.

At one point they showed a series of video clips on the big screen of Williams' big runs from previous years. it left a lot of people in the stands wondering "Well whatever happened to that guy? Where is he now?"

Lots of confusion on defense. SEVERAL times D-backs caught looking over at sideline, apparently for direction/instruction, while ball was being snapped.

Sadly, a significant smattering of "boo's" raining down from the crowd at halftime break.

Glad that one is behind us. There will be some definite stinkers this year, but I'm very hopeful and optimistic we're turning in the right direction. It's just going to take time.

JBQ said...

This was a strange game. The second half was all BC. The offensive line averaged 300 lbs. The ESPN commentators wanted to know why BC kept bouncing outside instead of overpowering the defense. I would say that they were practicing plays against the big boys. Good effort from Villanova. Rettig looked sharp the second half. If there is one criticism, it would be in the grooming of a backup just in case. Rettig played every down, That is good on the one hand. However on the other, there should be a "just in case". If you remember, that is how Matt Ryan came on the scene. All in all, it was a satisfying day.

eagleboston said...

I'm just happy we won. So much better than losing!

NEDofSavinHill said...

Ben Franklin said there is no such thing as a good war or a bad peace. So there is no such thing as a bad victory. While BC looked shaky in the first half, the 2nd was a different story. Contrast the second half performance with the prior years. One was accustomed to seeing a flat, less effective team later in the contest whereas yesterday gave us an improved more efficient squad. BC outscored Nova 17 to 0 in the 2nd frame. It could have easily been 24 to 0 but for a penalty. They ran mostly a limited, vanilla offense. No interceptions and no sacks is an impressive stat. 2. The top performer on offense was Amidon of Greenfield MA. On defense the top performer was ASprilla of Everett MA. While not a scintillating affair enough was done. 3. Wolford and Rouse showed potential. Edabali and Mihaelik showed some pass rush. Rettig has to find more receivers but was very effective later in the game. The WAKE game is pivotal . A win there and the possibilities are great.

Hario said...

Gotta agree with mod after rewatching the game last night. I was more disappointed by the execution on some of the run plays then the the play calling of the runs. As atl pointed out in the preview... running the ball should have been the strategy against this Nova team because of our line's size advantage and the success Daz had at temple running against Nova last year.

It is game 1 against an FCS opponent... I think it would be too early to read into the play calling. Let's see what we do against Wake.

Have to be happy with halftime adjustments by the D
A win is a win... lets hope we can get the next one now

CT said...

Ned is drunk. This was a game that reminds us that we're two years away. Anytime someone says that a game against Wake Forest is pivotal is a reminder about how far we have to rebuild. A 10 point win vs nova is nothing other than a 10 point win. Definitely a 5 win team. Progress slowly but surely.