Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ATLeagle Google+ Hangout with ESPN's Drew Gallagher

I've known Drew Gallagher since our days at WZBC in the 1990s. After graduation, Drew joined ESPN and rose through the ranks to become a producer. In 2011, he produced a feature on his friend and fellow BC classmate Welles Crowther. If you are reading this blog you probably know Welles' story and have seen Drew's piece. In this Hangout, we discuss Drew's history with the piece and working on emotional subjects. 

[ATTN: This Hangout seems a little more glitchy than the first one. I apologize and hopefully it is not too distracting.]

Once again, here is Drew's Emmy-winning feature on Welles Crowther.


Big Jack Krack said...

I shot my best round of golf of the year this morningby far, and then spoke to a young friend at the driving range. She is going to college next year on a golf scholarship, but that's not the story. Golf (and everything else) became insignificant very quickly.

She reminded me where we were 12 years ago (when she was 5) on 9/11 - and I thought wow! (Her Mom used to work for me, and their family moved down south from the Boston area.)

I watched the Welles Crowther story again when I got home and I still have tears in my eyes. I hope his parents are still healthy, as they seem like wonderful people, as does his sister.

Thank you Drew Gallagher for capturing the essence of your classmate in such a tragic story. A true hero who laid down his own life while helping others.

I will be quiet for the rest of the day, as I lost a friend on 9/11 as well.

I only ask our team to play with Welles' spirit this Saturday in LA - Strength, Honor, Courage. If Welles were a football player, play the way he would have played.

Honor Welles Crowther, his family and all who died on 9/11 - especially those from our BC family.

Go BC!

Big Jack Krack said...

John B. Cahill ’66

Friends of John Cahill, a senior executive at Xerox and CSOM ’66, called him Mad Dog. “We were season ticket holders and we tailgated for all the football games and went to the hockey games,” says his wife, Sharon, BC ’76. “A lot of friends said he always kept up with people he knew at BC. He just really had a passion. He had a sparkle in his eye and just could see the world as a glass that was half full.”

He started his own consulting firm and called it Mad Dog Industries, but Sharon says he calmed down from his youthful days. He spent most of his time with Sharon and his kids, Brett and Sean. They often went skiing in New Hampshire, or would fly together to Brazil, where he did much of his business.

He still loved BC, years after graduating. “When we went tailgating, he just loved seeing his old friends, the camaraderie of the school,” says Sharon, who still takes Brett and Sean to football games. “There’s still a small-time feel to it when we go that John liked.”

Cahill was on United Flight 175, which struck the WTC’s south tower.