Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mike Mayock's rise and other links

I don't think your average football fan associates Mike Mayock with BC, but with his work with NBC and NFL Network, he might be the most watched of all our current TV alums.

Future Eagle Connor Strachan is the key to St. Sebastain's season.

Patrick Eaves will miss the start of the NHL season due to an ankle injury.

BC is showing interest in 2015 prospect Nate Grimes.

Field Hockey pulled off a huge win on Friday by beating Syracuse 6-3.

Volleyball lost to Northeastern. They face Harvard on Sunday.


JBQ said...

You might be wrong. Chris O'Donnell of "NCIS-Los Angeles" might have a larger viewing following. I know that you are talking about the sports arena but there is a larger picture.

Bravesbill said...

Jon Sciambi does baseball, college football, and college basketball on ESPN and is one of the hosts on Baseball Tonight. He's probably a bigger name these days.

Andrew said...

I have to say I think Mike Mayock is atrocious.

Bravesbill said...

It was funny when he called literally everyone out last night from players to coaches to refs

eagleboston said...

Joe Tessitore is also very high profile. He is ESPN's "Heisman Expert."