Friday, September 27, 2013

Student tickets and BC

Since tickets were on my mind earlier in the week, I thought I would link to two interesting articles that show BC is not the only school with ticket issues and how Brad Bates is trying new things with regards to student basketball tickets.

This article from the Wall Street Journal made its way around the blogosphere (including our comments) and is well worth your time. If the huge SEC and Big Ten schools are shrinking their student section, perhaps BC should consider something similar. I also think improved wireless and creating more in-game entertainment wouldn't hurt.

In basketball, Bates and the Athletic Department have created a section for students that runs parallel to the court (instead of just being on either end). I think this should help overall demand. Students want to be close and want to be seen. But also, I think creating a sense of demand for these seats will help overall interest. The old way clearly wasn't working so something new may.


Mj said...

perhaps BC needs to reward students for attending an entire game by offering a perk or bribe, maybe free tickets to some other BC non sporting event. The Sanford stadium situation is a bit different, downtown Athens on game day is basically one big tailgating party with the kids having too much fun outside the stadium.

Big Jack Krack said...

A welcomed step forward.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Sideline student seats for basketball is a great idea. I hope the students are visible on TV a la the Cameron Crazies. If our best fans are in these seats and making some noise, it might give the world the impression that we actually have fans who care about basketball.

3xEagle said...

From the looks of this map it looks like BC has switched ends of Conte for its home bench. That is going to surprise a few long time season ticket holders! Hope this is just a mistake by the map author.