Friday, September 06, 2013

Two in a row! We are on a win streak!

It wasn't always pretty and BC could've and should've scored more, but it was a nice win. The defense looked much more comfortable and made some huge plays and huge stops deep in our own end. Hats off to Andre Williams. He carried the offense and got the explosive runs I felt we needed.

2-0 feels nice, but more importantly it gives hope that we can go bowling.

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday night.


mod34b said...

Yes. Good win.

Lots of positives.

1. OL run blocks
2. Andre!!
3. Defense
4. DL
5. DB
6. Few penalties
7. Freese kickoffs and FG
8. Dazz halftime media minute
9. Team's energy and excitement
10. Amidon

Areas of concern

1. Ryan Day's play calling (ESP in 1st half)
2. Spiffy's punt returns ... Something bad awaits
3. Punt protection. Really? not blocking 50
4. OL pass protection
5. Offense is suspect; lacks flow. (but see #1)
6. Rettig - no swagg-ah and gimpy
7. Andrea's back ups
8. Superfans not showing or staying

Matt said...

I can't remember the last time you have given an A, but the defense deserves it this time. Excellent. Good win!

Matt said...
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Osi said...

ZERO penalties. Aggressive play calling on both sides. Never saw either under Spaz / O'Brien

John said...

All players are into the game - the bench as much as those on the field.

The coaches are into it as well - i mean really into it . Don Brown was a great hire.

I am glad I flew up from SC for this game. I am mad and sad that the stadium was seemingly only half full.

Spaziani and Napoleon DeFillipo really killed the enthusiasm and fanbase.

This team will get it back anvd they are to be thanked for their efforts.

I am looking forward to my trip to LA and back to Boston.

Fans who could have come to this game but didn't can go take a flying you know what for themselves. This team and coaching staff deserves our support and it's nice to see them work together and believe.

At the end of the game the team - and entire coaching staff ran over to celebrate with the student super fans and band. The road back has begun - thank you Coach Addazio .

John said...

John is Big Jack Krack.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Largest margin of victory in an ACC game since Oct. 17, 2009.

CT said...

Every win is a good one at this point. But seriously. That stadium was embarrassing. Hope all the white guys being recruited didn't notice.

JBQ said...

Very satisfying win. Didn't understand the previous comment. USC is beatable if you kidnap the white horse according to Ara Parseghian. 6 ft 4 receiver Marquis Lee will be the problem. Rettig was limping the entire second half. How is he doing?

mod10aeagle said...

I'm not surprised by the light crowd. Unfortunately, this squad is going to have to earn back the fans that Spaz squandered and chased away. That's going to require a bunch of wins and some exciting performances and probably more than a season. Last night was a good start, but there's a long road ahead.

Tom said...

If anyone is complaining about the student section, they are an idiot. The student section has been phenomenal so far. Very packed for most of the game. It's the only part of the crowd that actually looks good. It's the rest of the stadium that's the problem.

Teej said...

@mod34b. The student section didnt stay but they showed up and were doing well. rest of fans not great.

CT said...

Here. Let me type...slowly. This team lacks substantive talent. Ergo, any win is a good win. Beggars can't be choosers. Hey, jbq, we recruit white dudes. Get it? I noticed the upper decks and end zones wrt the stadium. Students seemed fine, but the tv pic was nevertheless embarrassing. Yes, it'll take time, but let's be honest. A reg. seaso red sox game gets more dopey fans. College football is wasted on that city. Still, winning beats losing and that's from a history major.

Joseph said...

thanks CT. Stupid stuff wakes me up better than coffee.

JBQ said...

It was announced late Saturday afternoon that AT&T U-verse has signed a deal with the Pac 12 to televise their games. That means that the USC-BC game on Saturday should be on AT&T in the early afternoon. Hopefully, there will be no snags.

mod34b said...

BC's win over Villanova is now heavily tainted.

Villanova loses to FORDHAM

CT said...

Joseph. You lack quality.

CT said...

I'm being honest. Between you and jbq, mod34 looks like a genius.

Joseph said...

CT, what city do you mean, by "that city"? Honest or not still stupid and more stimulating that coffee.

JBQ said...

@CT: Interesting!

Walter said...

Would just like to announce that we have an other vote in the Coach's Poll.

CT said...

Joe, the first cogent comment you make on this board will be the first one. I'm rooting for you. Vegas has you at -1,000,000 to get it done.i'll throw a buck on you.

I do agree that, in the northeast, Daz has to earn some fans back. I also think college football in Boston is akin to the Pawtucket minor league team.

Any staff is better than the last one. Still thinking five wins would be good. Hopeful. Twitter trending in the right direction. Can't wait to read joe's incredible insight. Wait, is that racist?

Matt said...

With all due respect CT, you sound like a rutgers or uconn fan trying to negative recruit BC. Something just doesn't smell right.

Just enjoy the good win. I also think USC is very beatable.