Monday, September 23, 2013

Why does AggieVision have more flexibility than ESPN3?

BC's game against Army will be a 1 P.M. kickoff and broadcasted on ESPN3. While I appreciate that ESPN3 has provided more access to more games than ever before, I still have a gripe. ESPN-produced ESPN3 games rarely get picked up on a television-first sport network. (Think NESN or SNY or some of the regional Fox Networks.). So if you want to watch these games on a big screen you have to have some sort of streaming device or hook up your PC to a screen. I understand that it is a nit picky thing to whine about, but that doesn't mean it is not a hassle. ESPN3 wouldn't seem so limiting if BC fans didn't have a relevant comparison point on our schedule.

Our game against New Mexico State will be broadcast on "AggieVision." AggieVision is New Mexico State's streaming solution while they wait to rejoin a conference with its own TV deal. I doubt the production value is as good as ESPN3, but AggieVision -- while primarily a internet network -- syndicates their games on regional sports networks. Some of New Mexico State's home games will be on Fox Sports Arizona or Altitude. That means that most BC fans with a sports package will be able to see BC-New Mexico State on one of their TV channels.

ESPN could easily release these type of games. They don't because most of these other channels are competition. But in the long run they could be making their service that much more relevant and beneficial to partners like the ACC if they followed AggieVision's lead.


Claver2010 said...

Also they don't release it because they're trying to make the streaming product more mainstream.

I actually don't mind ESPN3. You can get it through an XBox/PlayStation, AppleTV, and BlueRay (I think), etc.

mod34b said...

Surpring that a game involving a top 10 team gets tossed to ESPN3!

What do our FSU friends think of that?

mod34b said...

. . . . meanwhile, PETA continues to claw at BC:

“Boston College just flunked Ethics 101 by teaching students that it’s fine to exploit, disrespect, and terrify animals,” said Delcianna Winders, an official with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

PETA Pecks at BC

While -- shockingly - I agree with PETA's sentiment about keeping the eagle away from roaring crowds, they are wrong here because BC has not brought IGGY into the stadium.

The PETA language about BC is ridiculous.

It actually seems that PETA does not like that BC has adopted the bird as a mascot. How dare we claim ownership over a wild animal!

The PETA bomb thrower is a professor at Tulane. PETA PROF

Joseph said...

Not quite a professor, thank god.