Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Addazio at the midpoint and other links

Former Heights editor Greg Joyce posted a good write up of the football season at the halfway point. It is a coaching cliche to say we are starting over -- "a new season" -- but this is the one time I agree with the coachspeak. We are starting over. We won the games we were supposed to win and lost to the big guys. Now we have to face real tests against like programs. Finally we will know how good we are.

Brian at BCI posted a useful breakdown of Donahue's scholarships. He's right that being so dependent on megaclasses means we will never be consistent. I know this might not make sense, but I hope a few reserves leave this year so that we have a chance to get to roster balance. A transfer wouldn't hurt either.

Matt Patchan's brother -- a 2015 recruit -- will be on campus in November.

If you haven't noticed BC has been posting most of Addazio's press conferences on Youtube. He doesn't say a whole lot, but I appreciate that Addazio still has good energy at this point in the season.

ESPN posted their season preview of the basketball team.

Field Hockey beat Harvard.

Men's Soccer also beat the Crimson on Tuesday.

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JBQ said...

I would say that the team has performed well above expectations. Nevertheless, success breeds higher expectations. Coaching mistakes in key situations kept results from being even greater. Hopefully, the same mistakes (i.e. clock management) will not be repeated and "the new season" will be a great success.