Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hanlan ready for next step and other links

Olivier Hanlan continues to get great press heading into the season. I know this might be counter intuitive but I don't want him trying to score 25+ a night. I think we will be best if he is getting everyone involved and we are making 3s. If we just stand around waiting for him to do it all, I think our overall scoring will suffer.

Women's Ice Hockey beat Yale Saturday. Sunday afternoon they take on Dartmouth.

Field Hockey lost to North Carolina. While they remain ranked, they are only 1-3 in ACC play.


Bando '87 said...

I definitely agree that it would be "bad" if the offense was too singularly focused around Hanlan. I don't believe there is a big risk of this happening though. The team is too experienced now (as hard as that is to believe.) If he was surrounded by Freshmen it would be a different story. On this team, there will be many options.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Did the SEC set an all time record when it had five ranked teams lose on the same weekend? However there is compelling evidence that the SEC is the best . They have two teams BAMA and MIZZOU in the BCS top ten. Matching the PAC 12 and the BIG 12. The BIG 10 has only one. The very weak ACC has three. So for all the deniers of SEC power the above proves it's superiority. The BCS show on ESPN had a funereal aspect to it. It pained the announcers to say that FSU was 2nd. 2. More evidence of SEC dominance can be found in Florida. How would you rank the teams in that state at the half way point? FSU#1, MIAMI #2, UCF#3, St. Thomas Aquinas #4 and the SEC entry ( Gators) #5. Overwhelming proof of SEC strength. 3. The SEC entries in Texas and Kentucky are inferior to other teams. If one looks at the major population centers in the country one can't find a leading team from the SEC.( California, Texas, Florida and NY.).They may have the best fans but do they have the best players and teams? 4.No one in the nation needed Nyquil Saturday. Watching the USC-ND game would induce drowsiness in anyone. It looked more like a 2000 version of Rutgers and Temple. 5. Look at the improvement at Auburn. Good coaching can transform a program. Same thing is happening at BC.

Bravesbill said...

You're an idiot Ned.

Knucklehead said...

Hanlan will be our closer, close and late.

CT said...

Who did those five teams lose to? Other conference teams, perhaps?

Bravesbill is being kind.

The 11:15 guy should stick to shuffleboard.