Monday, October 14, 2013

Hockey crushes RPI and other links

The Hockey team quickly bounced back from their disappointment in Michigan to thrash RPI 7-2 at Conte on Sunday. Seven guys scored and Demko had 25 saves. The team faces Wisconsin this Friday.

The BC men and BC women's soccer teams both lost to UNC over the weekend (men | women)

Even with our impressive showing, AA and HD still don't have us bowling. I am not worried. If we get to six wins, we will go somewhere. And doesn't everyone feel pretty good about our chances to get three more wins?

You might have missed this last week, but CBS's Jon Rothstein was at Basketball practice last week and tweeted out a series of quotes and observations about BC. Donahue had a lot to say. It is worth scrolling back through Rothstein's timeline to read the entries.

This isn't BC-specific but I thought TCU's attendance issues should be on our radar. The school has had BCS-level success lately and renovated their stadium, but remains a private school in a big Metro market. I don't know if there is a specific lesson for BC, but I don't think we should expand capacity when we renovate Alumni.


bceagle91 said...

Given that we're having trouble filling the stadium at 44,500 for capacity, it makes absolutely no sense to expand it. The team is clearly on the upswing, so we should at least see a bump in attendance next year.

NEDofSavinHill said...

AP top ten released yesterday. Louisville, soon to be in ACC is # 8. If you add them to the ACC column there are four ACC teams in the top 10. The Big 10 has one ( OSU ). The Big 12 has none. The PAC 12 has two( Oregon and UCLA ). The invincible SEC has three. Don't fall for the propaganda from ESPN or CBS about the dominance of the SEC. They both have huge money deals with them so the PR onslaught is inevitable. How good is Georgia? They beat top SEC teams LSU and S. Carolina. They need overtime to top Tenn. The same Vols team that lost by 45 to Oregon. Could any SEC team give the Ducks a game? Not likely. Where is the superiority?

Bando '87 said...

From Rothstein's feed..."Steve Donahue said that Dennis Clifford will be back in about two weeks. Still nursing a knee injury."

And also Rothstein's predicted starting five...Hanlan, Rahon, Drag, Odio, Anderson...

CT said...

I was kind of thinking that a record eight Top 25 teams was pretty decent.

The superiority is in seven straight MNC's and the BCS bowl record. For those of us who grew up down here in SEC territory, don't act like a fairly typical northeastern college football "fan." I desperately hope someone knocks the conference off, but the 11:25 post is insulting to football factories everywhere.

Louisville counts now? Was that an ACC nat'l champ last year in ball?

What a joke of a schedule. Even if they go 12-0 they'll be playing in the Orange Bowl for a top 5 finish.

And using the transitive property in football is for the simple minded. Please go back to the Sox now.

Although, I will say, the 11:25 guy could probably find a spot on the just announced college football playoff selection committee. Valuable insight.

Still thinking 5-7 as long as Rettig keeps up this on-again, off-again thing he has going on. I'm balancing that Clemson game vs the USC game and three wins over Villanova, Wake, and Army.

Squid said...

Until the tailgating situation gets resolved, there's no reason to expand.

If BC was able to find a way to accommodate more tailgating near the stadium and extend the hours they'd probably draw bigger crowds.

Knucklehead said...

See Rothstein has Odio and Drag as starters. They are not sharing minutes.

Knucklehead said...

Georgia lost Marshall, Gurley - two NFL backs and beat Tenn. They also lost WR Bennett and one other guy.

Alabama would play ball control and smash mouth against Oregon. LSU could score with them.

A Georgia with Gurley and Marshall could beat Oregon.

Someone pops Mariota and the whole thing starts to deflate. I don't EVER remember seeing him take a hit.