Friday, October 18, 2013

Inaugural College Football Selection Committee is a disaster for BC

I don't expect BC to be a national title contender next season. That's probably best since the first College Football Selection Committee is a disaster waiting to happen and would never reward BC.

I say this because the Committee is filled with old boys network types who are going to focus on traditional powers. The only member from outside the establishment is Condoleezza Rice. Regardless of how Rice feels about strength of schedule or resumes or whatever objective measures one could embrace, she is only one member. I don't see her having sway over the other power brokers enough to get an outsider into the Final Four.

My bigger issue is with Mike Tranghese. He's led a lawsuit against BC. Trashed us in the media and has publicly blamed us for the downfall of the Big East. How could that bias not spill over into his assessments?

In this sort of four-team setup BC is always in the worse position. We are not a traditional power, but come from a power conference. We cannot coast to an undefeated season like a MWC or AAC team might -- playing just one or two tough games --and then hope for media and public sentiment to get in. Think Boise State or Northern Illinois. Nor will the committee every put in a one or two loss BC team like they might for Alabama or Ohio State. Basically BC will have to go undefeated to ever get in the Final Four. As much as a didn't care for the BCS, at least I knew we could always play our way into the Orange Bowl. We still can in this system, but the Orange Bowl has been marginalized in this process. It is all about the Final Four.

My only solace is that we won't be the only program unhappy. This Committee is going to be torn apart. It is inevitable. Whoever is left out as the 5th and 6th team will lead the charge. My hope is that BC will be a title contender by the time the playoff expands to 8 teams and the ACC Champion earns automatic entry.


NEDofSavinHill said...

Atl is correct about this committee. All insiders and establishment types. It looks like a stacked deck selected by Espn. Tranghese did to the BE what Castro did to the Cuban economy i.e. run it into the ground. He was the Madoff of Conference Commissioners. He booted Temple out of the league primarily for financial concerns then decried the effects of money on college sports during expansion. Willingham's losses to BC cost him his job. BC has no friends on that panel. BC will have to be at least 12-1 with a conference title to get in. 2. A great win for Miami last night. Maybe at 1-5 UNC will lose it's edge. The U got over 500 yards of offense. BC is going to have to score over 20 to win. Sporting News in it's pre season edition had UNC near the top of the ACC. It said the Heels were ascending and VT was descending. It claimed that Fedora was the best coach in the league. Golden. Fisher, Swinney and Beamer may demur. It ranked the 16 new coaches in 2013. They placed Daz at 13 behind the USF, Cal., Temple and Perdue coaches. Another giant blunder. FSU 31 Clemson 22

mod34b said...

Oddest bio of panel member

Tyrone Willingham

Willingham, 59, is a former coach at Stanford, Notre Dame and the University of Washington. A Michigan State grad, his coaching career spanned 32 seasons, and now he works as a volunteer assistant for the Stanford women's golf team.

really, Ty?? WTF? (going 0-12 in you last gig as a HC can cause career problems)

Joseph said...

Does it matter what kind of coach a person was in order to be an effective member of the committee? Ability to use intelligent judgement based on objective facts seems to be more of a characteristic of the ideal member. Maybe Ty does not fit that criterion, however, his coaching record certainly does not disqualify him.

I'm not so sure that I agree with ATLs opinion here. Maybe he can give us a list of people that should be on the committee.

Scott said...

So long as the BCS is limited to 4 teams, Notre Dame will always get screwed by a Committee comprised of good old boys from power conferences.

Without doubt, the SEC, Big 10, and Pac12 will always place a team in the BCS. The final spot will go either to the ACC champ, Big 12 champ, or a 2nd SEC team. There is no way in hell the committee (primarily comprised of BCS conference reps) will allow ND to leap frog the champions from 2 other power conference. Even if ND goes undefeated, it strength of schedule will be far too weak to measure up to one-loss conference champion that played a 10 game conference slate (9 regular season, and 1 conference championship).

This is good for the ACC because it will force ND to play a harder schedule and most likely join the ACC as a full member.

The reverse is true If the BCS goes goes to 8 teams, because then everyone gets a spot. 5 slots for champions of the 5 power conferences, 1 slot for the best non-BCS Cinderella, 1 slot for SEC runner up .... Leaving 1 open for a top 5 Notre Dame. If the BCS expands to 8 teams, ND will have less incentive to step it's schedule & join the ACC

Knucklehead said...

Completely disagree with post above.

Willingham and Rice are built in ND votes.

For Boston College to be qualified it would need to win the ACC and beat a Big 10 or SEC team, in the same season.

Since the early 90's those programs have been averse to playing us. With Addazio(SEC ties) and Bates(Big 10 ties) we have a chance a least - if they can get us games against the SEC and/or Big 10.

Look for an Oregon matchup soon to.