Wednesday, October 16, 2013

UPDATE! Reason No. 374 why I try no to get worked up over recruiting: Landry decommits

UPDATE: Things seemed to have flipped back overnight. Once again recruiting can be very fickle. Let's hope this commitment sticks. PREVIOUSLY

One of BC's top recruits changed his mind and has reopened his recruiting process. This is not good news, but I am not losing any sleep over it. Addazio's approach to recruiting and his history leads me to believe that he will bring in enough talent. Landry -- who's profile has only risen since he verballed to BC -- is just one of many. I expect BC will backfill his spot quickly and should have at least 25 recruits coming in this cycle. Addazio's success will be about the whole class and how our staff develops them once they are on campus.

Negative recruiting will always happen. Kids changing their minds will always happen. It is just a matter of winning more of these issues than you lose.


Btoal said...

I wonder if this is an academics issue. Weird how this happened so quickly and now not considering us.

eagle1331 said...
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EL MIZ said...

was at Clemson visiting with the team this weekend, and was tweeting with other recruits talking about how pumped he was. totally bizarre.

a huge letdown also, he looked like a really good player and a great D-Line prospect.

BC needs to finish the season strong, make it to a bowl game, and then use that momentum to land a few nice players in the jan/feb end of recruiting season push.

Btoal said...

And Landry just tweeted the following: "I'm an Eagle: Period". Sounds like some sketchy reporting to me. Too many recruiting services!!

Benjamin said...

It's understandable that Landry has doubts. He's still sticking by BC. Deana King looks sloppy with this one. Especially since none of the other major recruiting services confirmed it.