Thursday, November 14, 2013

BC-NC State preview

We are so close. So, so close to qualifying for a bowl game. Everything is lined up. We are playing with a lot of confidence. It is Senior Day. NC State is falling apart. Now we have to have the killer instinct. The team has to show it can put a shaken team away. Last week was a test that BC passed. This is just another. Good teams win as favorites at home. Go do it.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)We need more November home games. I know home games are tough Thanksgiving weekend because so many students are off campus. I also know that the game day experience is more comfortable in September. Yet I feel like we give up a huge built in home advantage by not playing more games at Alumni in the late fall. Even now as the conference fills up with northern teams, there are still plenty of potential opponents who would hate to play us in a game with temperatures in the 20s.

Three Simple Keys
1. Bring the pressure on Brandon Mitchell. I know I often write some variant on bringing a blitz each week, but this game things are bit different. Mitchell is back as the starter and lone QB. He missed a big chunk of the season with a broken foot. He's split snaps since he's been back. Now that he is their starter again, I say confuse him, fluster him, do everything you can.
2. Keep passing. Overlooked in Andre Williams' huge day was that our passing game was improved. I know that was partially because we were playing a poor defense, but Rettig had time and found other people besides Amidon. Keep it up.
3. Don't let the punts keep rolling. We are giving up a lot of field position by letting so many punts roll. I know Dudeck muffed his first chance last week, but I still want him fielding the punt returns.

Gambling Notes
-- NC State has lost five straight games
-- NC State is 4-5 against the spread
-- NC State is 1-5 all time in Boston
The current line is BC-7.5

There are some quirky parallels in Addazio and Doeren's resumes. Both are in their first year with ACC programs. This is the second head coaching job for both. Both got their starts two years ago at MAC programs.

Scoreboard Watching
UNC-Pitt is probably the most relevant game. While we fight to become bowl eligible it would be nice for the Tar Heels to get another loss.

I hope to see...
The crowd show up for Senior Day ceremonies. These guys have seen the slide of BC football and were there for the rock bottom. It wasn't the four years they were expecting when they signed on to perennial winner Boston College. Yet they've played hard this year and bought into what Addazio was selling. The seniors and their families deserve our thanks and support on Saturday.

BC is in trouble if...
We allow non-offensive touchdowns (pick 6, punt return, etc.). NC State has yet to score more than 20 in an ACC game this year. We cannot give them points. If we do, they might steal the game.

Bottom Line
After last week's frustrating effort, I expect the defense to buckle down. I think we force some turnovers and control most of the game. I expect a decent balance of run and pass in a comfortable if slightly boring victory. The Seniors become bowl eligible and get to leave Alumni as winners.
Final Score: BC 24, NC State 17


blist said...

I agree on more November home games -- we're in the north -- use it to our advantage! Also, September weekends still offer a lot of competing activities -- as the traffic into NH and Maine on Sept Fridays prove every year.
Think about it -- when these guys signed on, either in 2008 or 2007 depending on if they redshirted, BC was ranked #2, we had made two staight appearaqnces in the ACCCG and we all took top 25 rankings and getting passed over for the best bowl games for granted.

Jeff said...

Yeah, not to mention Spaz chased several (many?) players away from the program. These seniors stuck it out, and they deserve our appreciation.

dixieagle said...

I have tons of respect for this group of seniors and want them to have a highly successful Senior Day.

Just heard that the NC State QB Brandon Mitchell is questionable for this game.

Big Jack Krack said...

As always, it has been a quick 4 (or 5) years for our seniors.

Let's roll NC State for them, Eagles. Step up for our seniors and they will do their part to put this game away.

Go BC - beat NC State!

What are our memories of this group? Like Rettig to Swigert for a 55 yard TD against Notre Dame on 10/02/2010 when they were both probably 18 years old and in college for a month. Rettig gets injured shortly therefter.

I hope Bobby comes back from his injuries.

Amidon - Eagles record-holder
Williams - Eagles record-holder
Marscovetra - steady Mike
KPL - wonderful career and future USMC Officer
Sinkovec - having a great season
Devitto - always flying around
Rudolph - doing his part on the DL
Patchan - thanks for coming to Boston
White - way to hang in there and lead the team
Ramsey - having a vey good year, and hopefully will come back for last 3 games
Edebali - BC Strong all the way - an enthusiastic leader
Naples - coming on strong
Freese - perfect Nate - quietly the best.

Let's hear it for these 15 guys everyone - they are tremendous representatives of Boston College.

Thanks for everything you hve done and will do for BC.

JBQ said...

As always BJK is "holding the Fizz up to the light". He sees colors and lights that no one else can see. His glass is "never half full". He sees BC as the "lighthouse in the storm" that we all should see.

Bravesbill said...
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Bravesbill said...

I have a bad feeling about this game for some reason. I didn't against NMSU but look how that turned out. Hopefully the opposite will occur here.

Big Jack Krack said...

If Swigert comes back, he won't walk with the seniors and I am very happy about his return.

Please pardon me for omitting Ted Davenport, Connor Galligan, Zach Wolf and CJ Parsons!!!

Thanks for your efforts on our behalf over the years.

JBQ - I try, but last week I was in a foul mood for a lot of the NMSU game for which I apologize. I just couldn't understand why we were having so much trouble with that team. High School attendance and high school video feed.

Let's look forward and beat NC State. We don't want to stop there either.

One at a time and finish 8 and 4!!!

Go BC.

Big Jack Krack said...

Bravebill - I think we might well be tight in this game early, and I feel a little uneasy too.

We will prevail!!!!

Bravesbill said...

Basketball season is officially over. What a disgrace. How do you give up 95 points to Toledo?!!!! This team just can't close out a game.

Unknown said...

I think Daz may have to take over the reigns of the basketball program once football season ends.

Unknown said...

Holy Toledo!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Holy Toledo!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Calling Al Skinner

Unknown said...

Is Jim O'Brien available?

Unknown said...

Up by 8 pts at the half and then out scored by 11 pts in the second half. And this is the team that returned 90% of its scoring power this season?

nceaglefan said...

Cant wait to hear what the Donahue apologist say now, the guy is a joke. Calling Bruce Pearl!

nceaglefan said...

Cant wait to hear what the Donahue apologist say now, the guy is a joke. Calling Bruce Pearl!

mod34b said...

Here is an excellent game preview from an NCSU blog. PAck review

eagleboston said...

The whole weather advantage is way overrated. BC lost when ranked #2 and with Matt Ryan at quarterback to Florida State in a freezing monsoon. The weather did not faze a mediocre Seminole team at all. If you look at history, cold November games have not intimidated the opposition and the advantage is slim to none.

eagle1331 said...

Donahue apologist here...

...that was OK with making the transition from Al Skinner...

Still think the latter was the right move, now believing the former was a terrible decision.