Tuesday, November 26, 2013

BC needs OT to beat Sacred Heart

I only watched part of the game.  The rest I followed via my phone. Two weeks ago I might have thrown the phone out the window.  Now I just shrug as they let Sacred Heart control most of the action. It was only in the last ten minutes that they tied it. Finally in OT they made some shots, played D, and won.

I don't know what is wrong. People who saw them at MSG said they have not checked out. There is still optimism about Clifford. Yet they keep playing lifeless, directionless basketball. It won't matter if Clifford comes back if they lose to the few cupcakes on the schedule! This team played with a purpose in OT. Where was that defense earlier?

Since this is a time for thanks, I'm thankful they got the win. Now I just hope they don't sleepwalk through the Purdue game next week.


ccw said...

This team plays the worst on-ball defense I've seen in a long, long time. The opponent with the ball doesn't have to worry about having the ball stolen or having his pass deflected. It's a joke.

It's not like the offense is a redeeming factor. Twice we looked panicked late in the shot clock and had Andersen jack up a contested 3 - like that's your best option.

If anyone cared about this program, Donahue would be on the hot seat.

FakeShalomTfree said...

There's obviously a lot of positive things going on around BC right now, so i try not to dwell on the negative. However, in year 4 of the Donohue era, this team is still struggling to beat the cupcakes on its schedule, a year after losing to Bryant and beating UNH in OT. Also, their style of play on off-nights is borderline unwatchable, which won't exactly put butts in the seats. Like many others i had hopes for this season and convinced myself that Donohue was the right coach, but its looking like this is going to be another long year.

FakeShalomTfree said...

CCW- people care about this program, and he is on the hot seat

WI_Eagle said...

They don't hedge or even show on ball screens. The small goes under and the big sags off...that's a fundamental tactic that they look lost on. Donahue has tunnel vision on offensive efficiency (which, to be fair, they're very good at) and neglects to coach the fundamentals of defense and rebounding. He recruits players who can shoot well -- they're a dime a dozen -- and not players who understand defense and rebounding. There is a lot more to basketball than shooting 3s. If we could just be average at defense and rebounding we could win a lot of games.....very frustrating.

EL MIZ said...

brutal stuff. i went to UCONN game at MSG and it was really maddening. i am so fed up with Donahue and the rest of his Hobart College coaches.

'you get what you pay for' - right now we are paying an Ivy League head coach and an assistant coaching staff that belongs in D2 and getting the corresponding results. the team is unprepared, unfocused, doesn't play hard.

Skinner had great success here but by the end of the time it was clear we needed someone new. he never recovered after Cooley and Coen left, the recruiting was falling off, the team often looked listless.

the end of the Skinner era is NOTHING compared to this. losing to Bryant, losing to Toledo, losing to Yale! give me a freaking break! Donahue can't recruit or assess talent - he told Brady Heslip to get lost (i have that on good authority), he told Bryce Cotton he couldn't play in the ACC, and he couldn't beat out Fordham for Jon Severe. its an absolute embarrassment.

this is year 4 of Donahue - these are his players, this is his system. if it can't make the NCAA tournament this year, him and the rest of the clown crew he's assembled for a coaching staff can go coach at Hobart where they belong.

when can we get a post on coaches to replace Donahue? i need something to look forward to with this bunch.

Claver2010 said...

People care about the program? BC is averaging under 2500 per game so far.

They completely sleptwalked through the first half, completely checked out. The defensive intensity was upped in the 2nd but they still needed OT.

Agreed on the above, the assistants have absolutely zero business being at an ACC school.

Hario said...

I gotta echo el miz on this one. I too have on good authority he told brady heslip that he wouldnt get any playing time and thats why he transferred. Why Donahue thought a three point shooting guard is bad for his three point based system is beyond me

Sacred Heart couldnt beat fairfield, Yale, Brown or holy cross this year yet took us to OT

His rotations rarely make sense, the team has no interest in trying to play defense or rebound.

Barring a quick turn around (which seems unlikely) im not sure why Donahue deserves to keep this job at this point

Legal Eagle said...

The way the basketball team looks, thank God we have a bowl game and Andre to get us through what couild be a very long season if this first stretch of games is any indication.
I really thought it would be the other way around and the basketball team and the national accolades of Hanlon would be helping us get through a painful football season.

Unknown said...

Donahue never deserved to get job and he certainly doesn't deserve to keep his job. I think he should be fired mid season just to prove the point that the administration does care about the program.

ccw said...

The best thing we have going is that we have a new AD. Donahue is not his pick. Shaping up to be another Gene hiring mistake.

That being said, I don't know that there will be the pressure to fire Donahue unless it goes really, really bad. I just don't think the fanbase is influential enough to make that felt for Bates.

But Bates may have the juice to let him go based on his own judgement that we can do better.

JBQ said...

I have watched several games. Donohue is a very good coach but not for the ACC. In the Ivy League, he did great things. However, running a "weave" with all five players at the 3 point line is a "head scratcher". He has no banger like Jared Dudley on the inside. The heavyweights in the ACC will shred BC like Panzers going through Poland. Now to read valid criticism of no defense makes issues beyond redemption. This team looks like a junior high varsity. Criticism from "ccw" and "FakeShalomTfree" are both valid and troubling. Donohue appears very sincere. However, he appears to do well in the "kiddie pool" but is in way over his head in the "deep water". Why again was Skinner cut loose? It had to be a "youth movement". Sadly, a sincere and youthful Donohue just can't do the job. This dovetails on the likeability factor of Spaz which belied his ability to coach. Bates has some fence mending to do.

CT said...

I'd be more worried about a metastasis if this was a Bates hire.

Out of curiousity, does Donahue have a weekly radio show?