Thursday, November 28, 2013

BC-Syracuse preview

We are riding an incredible wave of emotion and positive press. Yet it can all come crashing down with a loss. BC is also in an unusual position of needing to win and needing Andre to get his stats. I hate being dependent on winning a certain way or style points, but in this case it is worth it. Syracuse might be good agaist the run, but I still feel really confident about the game and Williams' Heisman campaign.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
When dealing with the media, you can only set up so many storylines. If a Sports Information Department throws too much at them, a school risks it all being dismissed or unused. The school's efforts have obviously -- and rightfully -- been behind Williams. I hope that the broadcast team also shares Frank Chamberlin's story. The highlight of his career was in the Carrier Dome and he deserves at least a mention this weekend.

Three Simple Keys
1. Getting an early lead. How many times can BC spark a comeback on the ground in the 4th quarter? If we want to win and get Andre his numbers, we need to get up early and establish tempo.
2. Convert on third down. I don't mind running on third down, but to do so we need to be in third and short situations. Either way, BC needs to convert more and keep Syracuse off the field.
3. Don't forget about Willis. Other teams may view him as change of pace, but he is still a very good weapon. Get him touches. Pass to him. It will help Andre indirectly.

Gambling Notes
-- Syracuse is 2-2 in ACC home games
-- BC is 2-3 on the road
-- Syracuse leads the all time series 18-28
The current line is BC-2.5

BC has not won two straight at Syracuse since 1969-1971.

Scoreboard Watching
If someone wants to vote for Winston, it doesn't really matter what Andre does. However, McCarron voters might look for a new candidate if Alabama loses. We really need a Auburn win. It wouldn't hurt to see Arizona lose, Texas A&M lose and Ohio State lose.

I hope to see...
The Special Teams not make any mistakes. We've been lucky that the recent spike in Special Teams goofs have not cost us. We need the unit to be clean on Saturday.

BC is in trouble if...
If we can't get offense through the air. Williams is the focus, but he can only do so much. We still need some semblence of a passing game. It helps open things up for the run game and is critical in the redzone.

Bottom Line
We've had good seasons end on a low point with Syracuse before. It is not going to happen this year! Syracuse will load up to stop Williams. It will feel like a slugfest for a half. In the second half BC and Andre breakaway. We win again and Andre earns an invite to New York.
Final Score: BC 27, Syracuse 14


Big Jack Krack said...

Happy Thanksgiving, All.

I have always been curious about travel details, although I am never "in the know".

I wonder where the team is having Thanksgiving Dinner? Will they be together, and with those family members who can travel? Will they be in Boston? Are they already in the Syracuse area?

When will they travel to Syracuse? Weather is a little iffy over that way. Are they flying or driving? (probably a stupid question).

All these things have an impact on game performance, as we know. But having the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday of away game week is a challenge, I would imagine.

I hope Coach Daz embraced it and turns it into a positive.

Frankly, we have been waiting for payback since 20ferri04. Even though we are at the Carrier Dome, I think our coaching staff will have these guys prepared.

Gentlemen, this is a huge game for Boston College and you have a chance to be remembered prominently in our history.

Let me say this again - this is a huge game, and it's within our grasp. They will load up on Andre, but if we play our cards right, we'll take advantage of their overplay.

Go BC - knock the orange and stuffing out of Syracuse.

8 and 4 can be ours, let's grab it!

Big Jack Krack said...

9 years ago we were 8 and 2 (could have been even better), ranked 17th and headed to a BCS Bowl. I think Peterson got hurt and a tall, skinny kid got his first start as a RSF,

Syracuse kicked our butts on our own field in front of a sellout 44,500 fans. Ferri wasn't the only runner over 100 yards either, as a guy names Rhodes cracked the century mark as well. Syracuse topped 300 yards running for the day.

They got out early and never looked back - in fact almost laughing all the way.

That loss smarted as badly as the WVU loss in 93, that also deprived us of a big bowl

Let's go BC - go in with a chip on your collective shoulder and kick their butts. Syracuse deserves it!!!!!!

Turn the tables and put 2004 to rest. Win this one for Andre and all the seniors.

Win this one for yourselves!!!!!!

eagleboston said...

Big Jack, the devil is in the details. A little remembered fact about our devastating loss in Ryan's RS Freshman year was that the team was delayed flying out of Hanscom (I believe they finally flew out at 2 AM). I'm sure that was not the main reason they lost, but how can that not be a contributing factor?

I would love to see the offense come out on the very first play and run play action to Williams and then have Rettig pass to a wide open Amidon for a TD.

Next year, we may have to temper our expectations. BC will have to replace the best kicker, runner and receiver. Not just on the team for that season, but the best at those positions in the HISTORY of the school. You cannot have the best players ever in those positions leave and not expect some type of drop off (then again, I thought we would only win 4 games this season).

As for the Heisman, I know everyone is excited, but the chance of it occurring is very, very low. He may get an invite to New York, but very few pundits nationally are talking about him. And since many of those pundits are also voters, the likelihood of him getting the much deserved trophy is very low. I think he would need to run for 250 to have a shot and that is unlikely against this defense which has not allowed a 100 yard rusher all season (however, Ga Tech as a team ran for 394, so there is hope).

eagleboston said...

By the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm very grateful for ATL hosting this blog and putting in so many hours all year long to provide a forum for BC fans near and far.

AlbanyEagle said...

Happy Thanksgiving all, especially ATL, to whom we are all grateful for the great work keeping this blog going over the years.

BJK, in regards to Daz handling Thanksgiving, I have a feeling the team will have a great holiday together. This team seems to have really embraced each other as a family of their own.

Definitely agree with eagleboston regarding next year. Realistically, and logically, we might be in for a relative letdown year before things really get going. Losing a lot of our already limited talent, and it may take a while for Daz recruits to get up to speed. Hope we're wrong - - and we may well be wrong.

I can't wait to get out to Cuse on Saturday. Tailgating will be cold, but should be a great game. Currently in the process of making a Andre for Heisman sign. Look for it around the 5-10 yard line, north end of BC's side of the field.

Happy Thanksgiving!

eddierock said...

I echo others in thanking ATL for the time and effort he puts into this blog. I also thank the regular crew who routinely post interesting and data rich thoughts and musings. A happy thanksgiving to all.

eagle1331 said...

Eagleboston the diamond ferrier game that bjk mentioned was at BC. A less remembered fact about that game was it was ferriera first time playing rb and he was an everett boy we didn't bother recruiting. Ouch.

Thanks Bill for a great blog and happy thanksgiving all..

Knucklehead said...

To confirm. The Diamond Ferri game was AT Chestnut Hill.