Thursday, November 21, 2013

Close game with UConn doesn't hide the problems

BC kept it close with UConn and had a chance to win it late, but couldn't get a 3-pointer off. The close loss doesn't have me feeling any better about the team.

Donahue juggled his minutes and lineups all night and it seemed kind of desperate. I think he is trying to find anything or anyone that sticks. But regardless of who was out there the same issues reoccurred. Poor 3-point shooting, a sluggish start from Hanlan, turnovers, terrible defense, and long stretches of stagnant offense.

The offensive malaise is what surprises me the most. These guys have all played a ton together, yet at times it feels like they don't know where to go with the ball. How is it that the late-arriving Swedish freshman seems to be the only one looking for back door cuts? People hated the Flex, but the beauty of it was that once a guy had been in the system a while, he knew when to look for passes. This should be old hat for all of them now. But then how can you expect things to feel that way when a mainstay like Rahon is now riding the bench? Caudill and Rubin were afterthoughts last year. Now both are getting time. I don't even know where their learning curve should be. It is all so frustrating.

Suddenly Friday's consolation game is a must win. If BC hopes to breathe any life into the season, they have to get over .500 in non-conference games. But this team lacks urgency so I don't know what to expect.


lbkjj said...

I foresee another dismal year for BC hoops.
The blog needs to give hockey
recognition. BC crushed Harvard 5 to 1 on Wednesday night but not a mention here?

Claver2010 said...

ATL has a great blog but it's probably the last place you go for BC hockey coverage.

Ex: The best college coach at BC ever signed an extension a couple of weeks ago and it didn't get mentioned here.

As for last night, if the team exerted that much effort throughout the season they're probably 3-2.

EagleWalt said...

They overachieved last year to a certain extent, that can't be counted on this year, for year 4 there should be no excuses for SD.

There will be some improvement when Odio is able to assert his really unusual shot blocking/altering and raising the intensity level, he was a shot in the arm the last part of last year, but this I think the outlook is bleak for any dramatic improvements.

Hoib said...

i loved the flex. It was perfect for an outlier proram like BC. Look at the results it got. I think it's like GT in football the opponents had to play a defense that they weren't used to. Also lead to allot of offensive rebounds, a concept that is extinct w/ this team