Monday, November 25, 2013

Heisman Factors Part I: other candidates

This is the first in a series of posts on Andre Williams and the 2013 Heisman. The first one deals with other potential winners. Obviously this is all contingent on BC beating Syracuse and Andre having a big day.
1. A.J. McCarron.
At this point McCarron is the favorite.  His stats are pedestrian and he's not even close to the best player on his team, but he is the biggest name left without a blemish. He is also the quarterback on the No. 1 team in the country. That's usually enough to win in most years. For Williams to pass him we need Alabama to lose. Watching them get crushed in the Iron Bowl against Auburn would be nice but losing the SEC Championship would probably derail McCarron too. WAR EAGLE BC fans!
2. Jameis Winston.
We would not even be talking about Andre Williams as a candidate if not for Winston's legal problems. I don't even care to speculate on his guilt or innocence and don't even know if any of this is fair.  But I am willing to speculate that the Heisman voters will not vote for Winston because of his issues.  Do you think they want their potential winner arrested prior to the ceremony or right after? This is college football.  The only sport where perception matters and the media is cowardly. I think there is enough uncertainty that Winston won't win this year.
3. Another, newer Darkhorse.
The biggest threat to Williams might be another guy like Williams.  It could be Jordan Lynch or Clint Chelf or anyone else who might have a really big game this weekend. The other opening for the Darkhorse might be Championship Weekend. BC will be home and Williams will be sitting. A huge game from a borderline candidate could make people forget about Williams.


Erik said...

Did BC get the bubble up in time to use this week, mimicking the Carrier Dome feel and temperature? Anyone know?

It would just be huge to see Andre invited to the ceremony and have him and the program get some good exposure that Andre can use in the draft process and BC can use recruiting and selling tickets.

AlbanyEagle said...

Do yourself a favor, and google "Andre Williams Heisman".

I don't think he has a shot at winning it, but it's a LOT of fun reading, and he should be in NY for the ceremony.

Erik said...

Head to Head with Winston did happen and could factor into voters decisions

Winston was 4 TDs 1 INT, 17 of 27, 330 yards passing, 67 yards rushing, and a Hail Mary highlight.

Andre was 149 rushing, long of 30, average of 5.3.
0 TDs was a killer here.

Let's hope character actually does play in.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

If we had managed to win against Clemson or FSU and did it with Andre, this would be a lot more real. That would have been the "signature win" that Heisman voters so often look for.

I hope people are right that voters won't want their winner taken away in cuffs right before or after the ceremony. Hopefully the Reggie Bush debacle is fresh in voters's memories.

CT said...

Winston deserves the trophy. Mccarron does, too. Winston has as much talent around him as AJ, though. On that alone Winston has had the better year.

Would find it hard to believe if Andre finishes better than fourth. He has to crush Syracuse. A 120 yd day won't cut it. Sad, but true. Thinking 200 and three TDs. Just for the invite. Just a guess. People don't dig four loss teams, even if he is as important to us as a stud QB is to a loaded team. McCarronn has a pro team around him, but he comes through. What more can you ask for?

Manziel is asked to do more than anyone. Twice as much as McCarronn. Still think he is probably the best college football player.

Here's hoping Williams crushes it Saturday and we get the eighth. Though I'd be happy if Rettig did the same instead.

GP11 said...

I think with another 150 yd game he gets the invite... There's enough uncertainty and enough people who will sour on Winston because of the off-the-field issues that AW get a lot of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place votes with some 1sts sprinkled in. That said, Winston still deserves it far and away. I wonder if any of the voters will think back to the barely-avoided crisis that would have been if Te'o had won. The guy got his invite and almost won based on the national attention his character and story brought him...

eagleboston said...

Unfortunately, the small size of our school and alumni base will prevent Williams from the earning the trophy. Detractors point to his dismal performances against Clemson and USC and I can't argue that. They also state that his past 3 opponents are jokes. Again, can't argue that. Fresno State fans are crushing us on social media in promoting Carr and the guy has amazing numbers.

Still, I have been amazed at the runs of Williams the past few weeks. Granted, they were crappy teams, but I did not see other running backs putting up half the numbers against those same teams. He destroyed the at the time top 10 rush defense of Virginia Tech, and he rushed for 149 against FSU, even though we were playing from behind most of the game and forced to pass.

I think Andre Williams should get the Heisman. But, the national buzz has him far down the list. At best, we can hope for an invite to NYC (that is assuming he does not lay an egg in the Carrier Dome).

amdg1540 said...
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amdg1540 said...

When the straw poll of the "Heisman's Foremost Authority" has Andre at #2 -- and the only candidate who makes it on every one of their ballots -- I'd say 44 has a very decent shot of getting invited to NYC.

All comes down to this weekend in Syracuse. A BC win and a 150+ game for Williams and the guy will be in NYC, which is huge for our program and for Andre.

A win and another 200+ game... and, well, who knows...

But folks, Andre has officially arrived on the national scene in a major way.

Bravesbill said...

AJ McCarron has to be one of the most overrated QBs in the country. His numbers are very pedestrian. Yes he wins, but that's because he's surrounded by a bunch of 5 star recruits that will be drafted in the 1st or 2nd rounds. He's a lot like Alex Smith: a good game manager who will not lose a game for you and will rely on the rest of the team to pull out a win. A name that hasn't been mentioned at all is Braxton Miller. If he puts up big nubmers against Michigan and Michigan State, there's no way he is not invited to NYC if OSU remains undefeated. As for 4 loss teams, Toby Gerhardt came in second place in the closest vote in history a few years ago (he was absolutely robbed). 4 losses won't necessarily kill your chances at an invite, but for all intents and purposes, it will kill your chance to win.