Saturday, November 16, 2013

Senior carrries the day

All the Seniors deserve credit for the win, but a special mention goes out to Andre Williams.  He carried the team again and broke his own record. As he racks up the yards Williams is becoming a serious Heisman candidate. The team is now bowl eligible and will almost certainly go to a postseason game. This has been a fun season and we still have two more ACC games left!

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday.


eagleboston said...

Andre for Heisman!!!

Maryland just upset Va Tech. That is really going to be a tough game next week on the road.

Benjamin said...

A big thank you to the seniors. These guys deserved the win.

Bravesbill said...

Let's face it, as good as Andre has been, he has zero shot at the Heisman. He's got a pretty good chance at the Doak though.

JBQ said...

Oh my goodness, I agree with Bravesbill.

Southern_EAGLE said...

If Williams played for any of the schools in contention for the BCS, he would win the Heisman

Joseph said...

great job all around. Great game plan playing to our strengths. Heisman needs huge PR program which AW never got. Just imagine if he played on a team with more offensive weapons to keep defenses honest.

Legal Eagle said...

Congrats to this years group of Seniors who have really been jerked around in there years on the Heights.
Its so good to see Addazio impose our will on the other team. Obviously, there were a lot of issues with last year's team. The biggest issue in mu mind was the inability to run the football. Last year we attempted 473 passes and the team rushed for 1086 yards. With 2 games still to play this year, we have attempted only 207 passes and the team has already rushed for 2172 yards.
Although this team is sometimes one dimensional, at least we are very good at that one dimension.
I am impressed by what Addazio and his staff have been able to do with this team and I think we as BC fans have a real reason to be excited.

Lenny Sienko said...

I believe...I believe....I believe...(think Natalie Wood in "Miracle on 34th Street").

I was especially impressed by the last td after NC State decided to screw around with throwing bombs, rather than going quietly. BC declined to take a knee and ran it down their throats.

Now keep this up for MD and SU.

eagleboston said...

Also, hats off to Nate Freese who passed Steve Aponavicius to become BC's all-time leading scorer.

Now, Amidon, Williams and Freese have set BC records. This senior class is going to be very, very difficult to replace.

Unknown said...

Let's bring Daz over to the men's basketball team!

John said...

Unlike the Boston College Football Team, the Miami Hurricanes absolutely quit this year.

When the going got tough, they folded.

Duke is a great story and good luck to them.

Getting back to the Eagles, let's savor the victory and get back to work. Let's go into Byrd Stadium and grind out a win!!!

I'm feeling pretty proud right now.

Big Jack Krack said...

Did Kaleb Ramsey play at all today?

Big Jack Krack said...

Did you catch the end of the GA - Auburn game?


I thought the attendance today (31 K) indicates that BC has a major problem with apathy for sure. Last home game; Senior Day; chance to become bowl-eligible; beautiful day.

The Two Stooges really sent us into a downward spiral and we've got to get this turned around.

Should have been 40k plus.

DoubleEagle2013 said...

Great win for the program today. This is as excited as I've been about BC football in a very long time. The smashmouth style has me so pumped. We've completely broken every realistic expectation for this season. I was disappointed to see so many empty seats but it's been a long time since BC football was truly relevant. I think only the senior class has seen this team in a bowl game. It will take some time but student support will come back if we keep winning.

AguilaFan said...

Before the season started, I told 74 we would go 6 games. He agreed.
We put down some moola on the 5.5 at 140.
Today we were rewarded for our faith.
The right ingredients were there for a successful season.
Why we had to suffer under the 2 Stooges is beyond me. Maybe a lesson has been learned.
Coach and team, you guys are DUDES!!!
Thank you.

we make our own movies said...

Andre 2K- very realistic possibility. For those of you on Twitter, you need to get that trending in a hurry!

Brett said...

Ka'Deem Carey at AZ is listed on the Heisman watch on espn. He is on a 6-4 team. But his stats are roughly 2/3 those of Williams.'deem-carey

I never thought I'd be able to say it - West Coast media bias?!