Saturday, November 02, 2013


Our offense might not be the most fun to watch but there is a certain beauty in imposing your will on the other team. They know we are going to run. We know they know. And yet BC still had a very productive game on the ground and broke it open with a long Andre Williams TD. The defensive effort was better than the stats will indicate. They allowed some big plays but offset that by making big plays too. This was a very big win for this season and hopefully for Addazio as he builds the program.

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday night. 


Legal Eagle said...

Outside of running it against Army, our run game wa non-existent last year. Despite working with essentially the same personnel as last season, our coaching staff has turned our running game into a force to be reckoned with. This alone makes me excited about the future of our program. Go Eagles!

doorknocker for 3 said...

Ryan day has got to go. The d kept us alive and a long run by Andre kept us ahead. Otherwise day called a game that wouldn't beat anyone.

Why haven't we seen Willis on deep wheel routes like we did earlier in the season. Why do we put rettig in position to fail with single receiver patterns? Why are we coaching receivers to run yardage outs and hooks rather than patterns to the sticks.

Don't be fooled. This is a bad offense and bad play calling hidden behind an absolute stud running back and an improving and intimidating d.

EL MIZ said...

what an absolute boss performance from Andre Williams. he has to be making a strong play for All American at this point. the #5 rush defense in the country was stacking 9 in the box for most of the day and he churns out 3-4 yards every play and over 150 yards on the ground. a dominant performance from a surefire NFL draft pick at this point.

defense came up huge, and both Edebali and KPL have really taken their play to the next level. i liked how we stayed aggressive at the end, after going to the silly ass prevent to end the 1st half and giving up 3 points.

not finishing the 1st half strong is becoming an issue. Addazio has to figure out how to close the half.

is Tahj Kimble out for the year? having him and Swigert as medical red shirt seniors next year would be nice.

doorknocker -- does the anti-Day crowd acknowledge the lack of alternatives on offense? i agree we could do more things (the wheel routes have worked earlier in the year, same with Amidon screens/reverses) and i wish we could mix some of them in more. that being said, scoring 27 points (pick 6 not offensive TD obviously) on va tech is probably good enough to merit not getting fired (only Alabama has scored more on them; we have also scored the most pts against FSU in a game this year). some on this board have laughably called for us to go 5 wide and "air it out" even though we have a total of one above-average WR (the rest are not even average but below-average) and a QB who still struggles making the right read. the play selection may be boring at times but we are now 4-4 and have one of the best rushing attacks in the country. that isn't to say it can't be criticized, we need to mix in a few of the plays that have previously worked - like the wheel, the screens, etc - and do a better job making sure the other playmakers get the ball. Amidon only touched the ball 3 times today - he is our 2nd best playmaker and needs to get more looks. same with Willis (how about some sets with Willis AND Andre in the backfield?) i don't think the offense has been so bad that Day should be fired. USC and UNC were both stinkers, but all in all we are scoring a lot of points given the talent on offense.

bring on New Mexico State and what should be our first road win since, when, the first George Bush administration? seems like its been forever.

EL MIZ said...

also, must point out that someone must have forwarded Ryan Day ATL's post from earlier this week on Rettig running. his first down run in the 1st half was a real nice play, and i believe he had a second run which was well designed as well. nice to see Chase adding some versatility to his game.

rest of schedule:
-- @ New Mexico State (currently 1-7)
-- NC State (0-5 in ACC and 0-2 on the road)
-- @ Maryland (losers of 3 of their last 4 and 1-3 in ACC)
-- @ Cuse (4-4, 2-2 in the ACC)

we need 2 wins to go bowling. i think we can do it.

Hario said...

Couldnt agree more with el miz...Day and daz seem to be playing to our strengths with an emphasis on protecting the ball... it can be boring at times but i think its what we have to do. id like to see some more wheel routes and get willis the ball in some space but i dont see how we can go 4 or 5 WRs and air it out with the current talent

it will be interesting to see how the offense evolves after day and daz get their guys in.

i really think we can get 2 out of the final 4 to go bowling which would be a really nice turnaround year

eagleboston said...

Defense won this game. They gave up a ton of yards through the air but also forced 4 turnovers and 4 sacks.

I don't think we have the talent to air it out, but I would like to see BC pass on first down every now and then. Tech had 10 in the box on few plays so you have to credit the O line for getting some holes and they did a great job protecting Rettig. Rettig is frustrating but the coaches must feel the rest of the QBs are worse.

It is too bad there were not more in the stands to witness this signature win for BC. We have now doubled our win total from last year and I am excited to see what this staff can do with their recruits.

JBQ said...

It was ugly. Actually, it was very ugly. However, it was a "W". Congratulations to Coach Daz.

Budlite said...

Nice win today, to bad the students missed it.

janebc said...

What a wonderful day at The Heights. To win a big game again.

Mod33B said...

Great win. Though am sure 34B will tell us what was wrong with it.

mod34b said...

For the Day groupies, let's look at the 1st down plays in the game:

1st and 10 at BC 23 Andre Williams rush up the middle for 8 yards to the BC 31.

1st and 5 at BC 41 Chase Rettig pass complete to Jake Sinkovec for 10 yards to the VTech 49 for a 1ST down.  

1st and 10 at VT 49 Andre Williams rush over left guard for 2 yards to the VTech 47.  

1st and 10 at BC 31 Myles Willis rush over right tackle for 5 yards to the BC 36.

1st and 10 at BC 47 Andre Williams rush over right end for 2 yards to the BC 49.  
1st and 10 at VT 38 Andre Williams rush up the middle for 1 yard to the VTech 37.  

1st and 10 at VT 19 Andre Williams rush over left tackle for no gain to the VTech 19.  

1st and 10 at BC 20 Andre Williams rush over left end for 6 yards to the BC 26.
1st and 10 at BC 31 Chase Rettig pass complete to Jake Sinkovec for 7 yards to the BC 38.  
1st and 10 at BC 41 Andre Williams rush right for 1 yard to the BC 42.  

1st and 10 at BC 25 Andre Williams rush up the middle for 1 yard to the BC 26.
1st and 10 at BC 38 Andre Williams rush over right end for 2 yards to the BC 40.  

1st and 10 at BC 23 Andre Williams rush over left end for 2 yards to the BC 25.

1st and 10 at VT 15 Andre Williams rush over right tackle for 5 yards to the VTech 10.

1st and 10 at BC 25 Chase Rettig pass incomplete to Jake Sinkovec.

1st and 10 at VT 17 Andre Williams rush up the middle for 5 yards to the VTech 12.
1st and Goal at VT 2 Andre Williams rush over left tackle for no gain to the VTech 2.  

1st and 10 at BC 20 Andre Williams rush up the middle for 5 yards to the BC 25.

1st and 10 at BC 40 Andre Williams rush over left guard for 1 yard to the BC 41.  
1st and 10 at VT 34 Andre Williams rush over left guard for no gain to the VTech 34.  

1st and 10 at BC 38 Andre Williams rush over right tackle for 62 yards for a TOUCHDOWN.
1st and 10 at BC 25 Andre Williams rush for 2 yards to the BC 27.

mod34b said...

We rushed 19 /22 on first down . Three passes to Sinkovec, 1run by Myles, 18 by Williams

On the fist down runs: median gain: 2 yards
Mean/avg (excluding highest and lowest) is 2.8 yards.

Is that solid offensive football. Obviously not.

CT said...

It was a gameplan designed to limit their possessions and shorten the game. Wow. Complaining about a win against what has been a very good defense. Keep it up. You sound smart.

CT said...

What is solid is maintaining an agenda despite the facts.

CT said...

You know, the more I think about the above posting with each possession, the more pissed off I get. Seriously. This team has little offensive talent, but they found a way to win against 8 or 9 in the box. I said Logan would throw it to us and he did. We capitalized. Enjoy the win you ingrates.

mod34b said...

The new "3 and out" strategy. Brilliant.

Joseph said...

two question m34b? Who won? Who was favored?
I'm sure that the students were all at the Red Sox rally with a million other people and students from every college in Boston.

Do the Day naysayers ever consider that the plan is made up with regard to the talents of the team AND the strengths of the opponent? Day knows his players and studies the opposition's strengths and weaknesses. You simply assert that what might have worked against Army will work against VT. NOT TRUE.

NEDofSavinHill said...

BC scored 34 vs. VT. Bama scored 35.It could have kicked a field goal to end the game and had 37. BC had about 300 in offense, Bama had 200 against the Hokies. This was excellent performance number six out of eight tries. The coaching and the effort were excellent. The offense is averaging 33 a game at home. They score 34 against FSU and VT. Yet some are finding fault. Does the team deserve criticism for their road performances? Yes. But fault finding after that contest or any of the home games is misplaced. 2. Rettig played well. He's been effective in all the home contests. Less so away. The o-line was solid and the D led by KPL, Mihalik, Edabali and Asprilla provided the turnovers needed. If they beat NM St. and have their usual home performance against NC St. a bowl game awaits.3. The criticism rings hollow. It resembles what TOB would get when his team won nine or ten games. What TOB got when they won eight straight bowls and beat ND six straight. Oklahoma has one win over ND in fifty years BC seven.4.CBS has a top 400 list of NFL prospects. KPL is about 150. No one else on BC is listed in the top 300. Seems AW with his size, speed and productivity should be there along with an o-lineman or two.

mod10aeagle said...

Well said, Ned. Wrong day to bash Day.

No, I didn't mean this to sound like some mutant haiku.

Jeff said...

Big win, really big win!

I too am frustrated with the play-calling. It was more excusable this week, in a competetive game, but it was utter nonsense last week while trailing at UNC.

Although I don't have a ton of confidence when Rettig drops back to pass, I feel that we should at least once or twice a game attempt a deep pass. If they are going to play zero D against us most every down, it needs to be tried.

I'll withhold judgement on Day until the season is over. This was a win, and a big one. Let's enjoy it. :)

Joseph said...

I guess you missed the long completion to Amidon. He had to come way back on the ball. Lucky no pick. Rettig did what Rettig can do. He has no time to get people loose way down field and even if he could then will zero in on a single receiver so no deception. Play calling according to players abilities and D capabilities.

Big Jack Krack said...

Thanks for the win, BC - it was very enjoyable.

When this offense doesn't work (on the road) it is ugly and frustrating.

I think it will be okay against MD and Syracuse on the road for our final 2 games, but there are no guarantees.

I am optimistic that we can take 3 of the last 4 and hopefully 4/4.

We are not guaranteed a bowl if bowl eligible. It seems as though we will be fighting with one half of the ACC for the final couple of spots.

We really need to beat Maryland and Syracuse (and NC State) to seal our own fate. UNC might run the table and end up 5 and 3; 7 and 5. Since they killed us, they will get the nod. If we end up 5 and 3 (which would be an unbelievable turnaround) and 8 and 4 - we might get in. The UNC game was huge, although many people thought it was not a must win.

At any rate, the last 4 weeks will be very exciting and meaningful, unlike the past several years under the Two Stooges. Many things could happen with Us, Syracuse, WF, MD, Pitt, UNC - and even Duke and VaTech.

These are our playoffs!!!

Go BC - run the table and shock the ACC powers that be.

Knucklehead said...

If we are bowl eligible we will get a bowl . . . TV Ratings.

We need to be Cuse, NC St and Maryland for recruiting in addition to the bowl situation.

The Defense was very good today. The delayed blitzes were effective in allowing Logan to thinking he would have time and then forcing him throw quick . . . leading to INT's and bad passes.

EL MIZ said...

Mod34B -- pretty convenient for your "study" to take out the 62 yard TD run (which brings the average up to 4.5 yards per carry). the whole point of the ground and pound is to wear the D down and tire them out. we did that and it led to a TD which gave us the win. good idea to discount that and just focus on the other runs. LOL what a joke.

hey, a win is a win. we beat a talented team with a top-ranked defense coming into the game, scored over 30 points, and people actually want to fire coordinators. whatever. i had a TON of fun watching that game.

lets roll New Mexico State, take care of business against NC State at home, and we'll be playing with house money those final 2 weeks.

BJK - are you sure we wouldn't go bowling if we were bowl eligible? i'd think some lower tier bowl would take us.

EL MIZ said...

also, Andre Williams not being a top 300 draft prospect is laughable. he is 2nd in the NCAA in rushing even though he routinely faces 9 guys in the box.

what is hurting Williams is his lack of catches - he has 10 in his college career, and none this year. still, there is a place for a guy like that in the NFL. SF, SEA, NYG, PITT, and a handful of other teams still like having a power back who can move the pile and get 3-4 yards per carry.

really hope DRE can win the rushing title, that'd be awesome.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm not sure, El Miz - so I would like to see us run the table for many reasons.

It's fun to be even talking about this.

I was just thinking if we were fighting UNC for the last ACC spot, we would lose out.

I figure FSU, Miami, Clemson, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and Duke are locked in already, although Duke could lose 3 of its last 4 or even all 4 - but very doubtful.

So we are up against
Wake Forest and
Maryland for the last couple of slots.

Currently we are all pretty much even, with Syracuse having 1 less league loss. However, they have 4 tough games (for them) coming down the stretch, including FSU .

I think we'll win out over Wake Forest and Pitt.

We must beat Maryland and Syracuse (and NC State) - simple as that. If we ever did that, wouldn't it be just a remarkable and fantastic turnaround with basically the same players?

NC State and Virginia are way out already for sure.

mod34b said...

El Miz. No need for nastiness. We disagree is all.

The median result of incessantly running AW on 1st down is 2 yards. With small data sets with a few extremes (outliers), median is best method to understand what to expect from a given strategy. With mean (avg) extremes (outliers) skew results. Outliers are often eliminated or 'statistically treated" (e.g collapsing runaway scores ) to make the number more accurate/useful. In other words, Day should expect to earn 2 yards on first via AW. 2 yards on first down is an unsuccessful first down.

Total offense? We had less than 300 yards in the game. Awful. We avg 333 per game - awful. That 333 places BC at number 113 in the country and 13/14 in ACC. I believe we are last in ACC on total first downs and third down conversion. Ryan Day is presiding over a very bad offense. No excuses for failure needed.

For those who still, somehow, think Day is Okay, consider this: Spaz's offense in 2012 was more productive than Dayquill's 2013 Offense (349 yards v 333).

I am very happy we won. Truly psyched Dazz is turning things around. I am very happy we won by being opportunistic and, frankly, getting lucky (we were due fors ome luck) .

But what is equally clear is that we did not win due to Offensive play calling or, generally, our offense.

If you still would like to maintain a belief in Day and our offense, we can talk some more.

EL MIZ said...

i guess the question for you 34b is whether you want to be down in every game and watch rettig throw the ball, or watch a close game where you have to "suffer" through watching Williams run it up the gut.

last year Rettig threw the ball 467 times. he completed 54% and threw 13 INTs (2% of his throws).

this year he's only thrown it 165 times, but he's completed 63%. his INT ratio is the same (2% of his throws). he also has a lot less talent to throw to. last year Rettig had Pantale, Swigert, and Coleman in addition to Amidon. this year, we have Amidon. it seems to me that the coaching staff assessed the situation -- a bad QB and one decent WR -- and decided that a heavy dose of Andre Williams gave us the best chance to win. so far we have doubled our win total from last year with arguably less talent than we had a year ago, so i'd say that was the right bet.

i don't think Day should get inducted into the Hall of Fame or can not be criticized - i think we could see some more variety in the substitution packages, and we should make more of an effort to get the ball in the hands of ppl other than Williams (namely, Amidon and Willis). but i think calling for Day to get fired because we run too much is ludicrous. you can cherry pick stats all day. here's a stat -- this team is 4-4, and Williams is 2nd in the country in rushing.

the USC game and the UNC game were both bad offensive performances, and that's on Day to fix. but otherwise, the offense and scoring the ball has not been a problem. we have scored the most points on Florida State and the second most on Va Tech. we scored enough to stay close with Clemson and FSU. what did us in those games was exactly what some want more of -- Rettig making stupid decisions, turning the ball over, and giving up easy points.

again, i posit the question for you and others who think Day should be fired -- what should Day be doing differently? what offensive sets should we adopt from last year when the offense was humming and we went 2-12? you have suggested we run too often on first down, and then analyzed the runs on first down from last game and conveniently dismissed the 62 yard TD run which won the game for us and focused on the 15 runs that set that one up. how good should this offense be with the talent that it has, since apparently being 14/14 in total yards in the ACC or whatever # you threw out there is inadequate in your opinion? we have a good RB, a bad QB, and one decent WR - how many points should we be scoring?

mod34b said...

Who ever said to fire him mid season?

The offense is not a problem???. Oh my! #113 in FBS on offense does not suggest a problem to you? . Is that cherry picking?

Why do you ignore 2 yard median stat for AW "up the gut"? An Inconvenient truth? Or that the offense is worse than last year?

Why do you make up excuse after excuse for the woeful Mr Day? Do you work for BC? Coleman and Pantale were hardly stars. Current crop is no worse. The receivers do not need 4.4 speed to get open. They need short timing routes and heavy practice with Rettig . Appears that Day is unfamiliar with concept of short timing routes .

I could give you 50 ways to improve the offense, but you would give me 51 excuses. And so it goes ....

CT said...

I would love to hear your 50 ways.

There isn't a lot of offensive talent on this team. You are missing the forest for the trees.

This group has to re-learn how to win. Baby steps.

I would hold off on judging this staff until they get their own guys in there. Now you just sound like a curmudgeon.

Bravesbill said...

The problem is not that BC rushes too much. It's that their play calling is predictable: run, run, pass. That's the same sequence that Tranquill used and everyone rightfully bashed his play calling. If BC utilized the play action more, and varied its play calling sequences, it would be much more successful.

Joseph said...

m34b has an answer for everyone who disagrees with him: you must work for BC.

He won't admit that the talent level is not there. No game plan using his 50 great ideas will work if the players can't execute the plan.

It is totally fascinating to read all these ideas for a better offense. But, it make me wonder why the coaches who have so many years of experience just aren't capable of understanding as much as these amateurs. If they only read what gets posted here we would be #1 in every aspect of the game.

m34b should be our liaison to the team to make sure that they develop plays and a game plan based on these posts.

Bravesbill said...

Joseph, I assume you were a fan of the Spaz and Dayquill game plans. " It make me wonder why the coaches who have so many years of experience just aren't capable of understanding as much as these amateurs. If they only read what gets posted here we would be #1 in every aspect of the game."

Joseph said...

Not at all, BB. Just sick of dopey posts from guys who are nothing but negative and insulting to our players and coaches. I never said anything about last years coaches, obvious that I meant the coaches that he was knocking.

Bravesbill said...

But your arguments basically suggest that any coach is immune from criticism because they know more about the team than amateur outsiders do and that they gameplan around the strengths of the team. So where exactly do you draw the line between Day and Spaz/Nyquill? Why is criticizing Day not okay but it is/was open season on Spaz/Nyquill?

Joseph said...

If I must tell anyone the difference between Spaz and Daz (besides the SP and D) then I have to plead that I don't have the time for such a full fledged tutorial. I think other might be able to do it much better with more patience and love.

Bravesbill said...

I'm not arguing with you that there's a difference between Daz and the rest. But why is Day above criticism whereas Spaz and Nyquill were not? Remember that Nyquill was not at BC for all that long. If they all knew their teams better than anyone and prepared their gameplans around their strengths, where is the line drawn? What exactly makes Day immune to criticism but not the rest? Your logic is failing.

Joseph said...

Go after Nyquill all you want, if it makes you happy. Go after Day all you want if it makes you happy.