Friday, December 27, 2013

Arizona answers from a Wildcat fan

My BC guest blogger, Daved Dlott, had a friend of his jump in with answers to my questions. He's a U of A grad, so take this for what it is worth.

1. With the understanding that not all fans fall into their respective stereotype, what is the typical Arizona Wildcat fan? Is it someone who follows football just until basketball starts? If ASU is the party school, is Arizona the more serious? Do they have the bigger following in state?

U of A Fan: Arizona fans love their football as much as they love their basketball, but as the saying goes, the football teams seems to always be a day late and a dollar short. Wildcat Fans: Arizona will always be better than ASU in everything... call it sports, academics, partying, everything, even in a marble match up, and of course, Arizona is the more serious school. Arizona has the biggest following of any University in the United States!

2. What is the perception of BC in Arizona? For example, when I first moved to Georgia I still dealt with the occasional person who didn't realize that BC and BU were totally different schools. With the move to the ACC and Matt Ryan firmly in place with the Falcons, that doesn't happen as much any more. Is there general awareness and respect for BC among Arizona fans?

U of A Fan: In Arizona everyone thought Boston College was a Junior College until the Bowl Match ups were announced.

3. Most BC fans remember Rich Rodriquez teams from West Virginia. How is this team different from those? Do you think they will be able to stop Andre Williams? Are they excited enough about this game to fight through the potential cold and BC's bruising style?

U of A Fan: Of course Arizona can beat Boston College.Remember Arizona beat OREGON! Did I mention Arizona has a great running back named Ka'Deem Carey?! Did I mention Arizona has a great running back named Ka'Deem Carey?!

4. Who wins?

U of A Fan: Arizona wins 48-27
Williams rushes for 121 yds
Carey rushes for 250 yds


mod34b said...

The Wildcat fan featured seems to be representative of U Arizona: peppy and pointless.

I never really thought there was much (any?) difference between ASU and UA. Just two big blobs of low-end public education.

Some interesting founders: 1 Saloon owner and 2 gamblers (party!!)

Some interesting Alum: Kourtney Kardashian, Greg Kinnear, Don Knots and Jerry Rivers (aka Geraldo Rivera)

Some interesting academics: UA known for pioneering the field of Garbology (yes, study of garbage)

Claim to Fame: honored repeatedly by Playboy as one of Nation's biggest party schools. Academics have gone unnoticed.

But should be a tough game for BC - unless turns out out OL can manhandle UA line AND KPL successfully "spies" UA QB.

mod34b said...
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CT said...

Apparently brain cells are not required for admission.

Matt said...

I went to undergrad at BC and went to law school at University of Arizona. The features representative does a poor job in his analysis. As much as I like U of A, it isnt even a question: I will be rooting hard for BC.

As for my take of the school after being around campus for q few years. U of A does not have the same reputation of a party school as ASU, but don't be deceived U of A has lots of parties. Greek life is huge. That being said UAPD does not turn the blind eye to underage drinking.

The UA-ASU rivalry is huge. And I certainly wouldn't say the fanbase is disinterested in football...any true U of A sports fan follows football (along with basketball) closely and the students fill the stadium.

I apologize for typos I am typing this on my phone :S