Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bowl gifts and other links

One of the reasons players love bowls, it that they are given free gifts legally under NCAA rules. Typically bowls hand out the hot electronic items of the season. The latest trend which the Independence Bowl is following is allowing the players access to a "Gift Suite." That way the player can pick his own gift(s) instead of getting whatever gadget the bowl wanted to give to everyone. Should be fun for the guys.

ESPN and the Local High School coaches named future Eagle Troy Flutie "Mr. Football."

SBNation poked a hole in the Carey vs Williams matchup. Don't take offense, BC fans. He's mocking the narrative, not Andre.

Here is a 20 year old scouting report of Arizona Football from Keanu Reeves.


Hoib said...

I wonder if Troy's naming was influenced by teamate Troy Stratford? I remember when Doug was asked, just after winning, who he thought should be the favorite for the Heisman the next year, he mentioned Stratford. Our man Doug always an Eagle through and through. Glad to have another Flutie perched @ Heights!

WI_Eagle said...

4 recent (last 25 years) BC QB's respective career statistics. Goes to show how team's W-L can skew perception of QB play.

QB A: 9,313 yards, 60% completion percentage, 56 TDs, 37 INTs

QB B: 8,062 yards, 55% completion percentage, 52 TDs, 37 INTs

QB C: 10,039 yards, 55% completion percentage, 72 TDs, 60 INTS

QB D: 5,837 yards, 57% completion percentage, 48 TDs, 32 INTS

EL MIZ said...

fun exercise WI Eagle. Ryan is A and Rettig is B (I looked it up, had no idea). who threw for over 10K yards?

pretty amazing that Ryan and Rettig will finish with same INT amount. then again, by my probably wrong count, Ryan threw 128 more passes than Rettig.

WI_Eagle said...

C is Glenn Foley and D is St. Pierre. Perhaps Foley's higher INT count can be partially explained by the stricter contact rules for DBs over the past 10 years or so?

Hoib said...

Foley's int's were much lower his last 2 years. Better teams more experience. He was really good! Although I give Chase A for effort I don't think he progressed very well w/ his ability to read defenses. Foley was an ace at that by his Sr. yr.

mod34b said...

Hoib - and what role did the Offensive Coordinator named Ryan Day play in Rettig's arrested development? Do you give Day another "pass" on that too.

Tim said...

Some numbers on Rettig:

Completion Percentage:
2010: 51.3%
2011: 53.6%
2012: 54.2%
2013: 61.8% (best year)

Yards per attempt:
2010: 6.35
2011: 6.18
2012: 6.54
2013: 7.58 (best year)

2010: 6
2011: 12
2012: 17 (best year)
2013: 17 (best year)

2010: 9
2011: 9
2012: 13
2013: 6 (best year)

Hoib said...


I couldn't tell u who Foley's OC was. Just comparing what I saw on the field. I think maybe Freud could help us w/ your Day fixaton.

mod34b said...

So Tim are you saying Rettig improved in 2013? Really?

mod34b said...

hoib - i don't think freud could help you with your obsession about me. yeesch.

Hoib said...


I think i've craked the case. U either played or play for Day and feel you have been mistreated by him. How else could u be so sure about your criticism of him.

mod34b said...

hoib...oh pathetic hoib... what to do.....

Hoib said...


I know, Donahue must be getting advice from Day.