Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tough end to a fun season

One quarter went as planned. The rest of the day did not. Ultimately our flaws were exposed by a skilled offensive team. I was frustrated with the defensive effort and defensive mistakes, but I am not going to be too critical of the loss or the performance. Remember TOB's first bowl team got hammered before going on his bowl streak. This was a refreshing season and provided a lot of highlights. In my opinion the team overachieved this year and that bodes well for the future.

I'll try to have my grades and second viewing thoughts up late New Year's Day.


mod34b said...

pretty awful game all around.

Unknown said...

Tough ending but how many of us would have expected a season like this last year at this time? Thank you to all of the seniors!!!

Hoib said...

Totally outclassed @ the speed positions on both sides of the ball. Daz should know exactly where he needs to focus his recruiting efforts now.
We also lost in a similar way in Tom Caughlin's first bowl game w/ BC. George Young said Tom gave it as a reason he turned down the Giants first time they offered him the job. He didn't feel right leaving BC @ that time. The next year when he beat the fighting crybaby's he felt he had accomplished what he needed to and was off to Jacksonville.

dixieagle said...

I had some hope right up to halftime. When Arizona scored, I knew it was over.

I'm still glad I went; great to see so many BC Eagles there.

It's been a better season than any of us could have imagined, and I am excited for the future. Go Eagles!

Napolean Bonaparte said...

A definite improvement over last year but don't forget this team only won two games against FCS teams who had modest winning records. The other three wins were against some pretty bad teams. Arizona had much better athletes and speed. Rome wasn't built in a day - if Addazio recruits like his career depended on it (which it does) - we will get better every year.

eagleboston said...

I'm excited for 2015. I think Addazio is the right fit for BC and once he gets his players into the system, BC will be very competitive.

TOB lost his first bowl 62-28 (however, half the team was fighting the flu). He responded with 8 straight bowl wins. Let's hope history repeats.

JBQ said...

You can "sugar coat" the truth because of high expectations. As stated, the effort by BC was PATHETIC with a capital "S". The team was poorly coached and it showed especially with the d backs. They looked like they were running for a shopping cart at Wal Mart. Arizona was smart. They rode Edeballi out of every running play. Carey shredded them like lettuce. The offense had one play in their playbook and Arizona put 8 men in the block and sometimes 10. You can blame the personnel all that you want. I say that the coaching is LOUSY. Special teams even looked like the Little Sisters of the Poor. The good sisters from my grade school days knew how to tackle. Rettig did his best. You could see that he was dying out there. He was shunned like the plague. The staff just wanted to get the game over and ship him out of town. There was absolutely no pass protection. It was all set up for the run. So far, the book on Addazio is great for motivation and emotion. He needs an O.C. who knows what he is doing. A grade school coach can pick out his biggest player and hand him the ball. To coach a diversified offense takes a little skill. So far, it's all "smoke and mirrors". The pathetic ending to the Florida State first half is almost as bad as the end to the Syracuse game. "Great Expectations" and a great deal of hope went up in smoke. Addazio appears to be more than a quality head coach. However, leadership is judged by the ability to put adequate support in place. What devastated John McCain could very well be the albatross which brings Addazio's leadership to a quick end. Someone needs to get angry like Big Jack Krack. This game was a great embarrassment. To compound matters, all of BCs "heavy guns" are graduating. Addazio may be gone by mid October.

mod34b said...

Good one JBQ:

"The team was poorly coached and it showed especially with the d backs. They looked like they were running for a shopping cart at Wal Mart."

One play sticks out in my mind. Some kind of pick/switch on the far sideline. Our man #17 (Bryce Jones) , seemed to be jogging about 5 yards behind the Arizona receiver. OMG! Fortunately, the Arizona QB overthrew the totally open receiver. There were many other plays where our DBs were way out of position. Embarrassing, and it is not just a speed issue. Excuse me, Mr. Don Brown, "WTF?"

And you rightly say: BC "needs an O.C. who knows what he is doing. A grade school coach can pick out his biggest player and hand him the ball. To coach a diversified offense takes a little skill."

I see, wisely, that you did not mention Ryan Day by name.

Much as I have tried, you are NOT allowed to criticize the coach named Ryan Day.

Whatever the problem, it ain't on Mr. Ryan Day. (Yes, Ryan Day sucks. Hope he gets a new job)

Bravesbill said...

But but mod, you are not allowed to say that anyone sucks on this blog either, no matter how putrid they are. Everyone on the team tries really hard so when you say that, it could hurt their feelings. Everyone on the team (players and coaches) deserve a trophy just for participating. Please, oh pretty please, don't be mean or cruel by pointing out the obvious. /s

CT said...

I would say the last two posts are inane, but what's the point.

This wasn't about effort. Or play calling.

Just talent. Better players.

Yes, Daz and day, gone by mid October. Do you guys actually watch any football? Ever?

I liked the gameplan. Rettig, try as he might, is simply too avg to alleviate the burden on AW. We have zero defensive standouts. No playmakers except 44. Anywhere. Still, cherry on a sundae. I love blogs. Absolutely no perspective. No big picture. Just what's in front of you right now.

blist said...

From 2-10 to 7-6. Isn't that better than just about anyone expected -- or at least in line with expectations? I feel like I know which posters were the ones cursing out players at the screen at Warehouse yesterday.
Anyway, I think a big problem is one that's been pointed out before -- only one wideout option it seems. Rettig is a pro-style QB in an offense that doesn't want to use one. Chase's effort can't be questioned and he had a rough run of it with Coach Sadface and his legion of OCs.
It also seemed maybe they didn't want to pound Andre too much b/c of the shoulder, I assume.

Big Jack Krack said...

The d-backs seemed to regress, and maybe there's an opportunity for reorganization there.

Is Kevin Lempka up to the task? Has the game passed him by? Maybe, maybe not. HCSA needs to make that call.

Most college teams have separate assistants for d-backs, broken down by safeties and cornerbacks, etc. It looks as though a reevaluation is needed for us, because our guys were "running for shopping carts at Wal Mart" all day.

There were several glaring penalties where our guys never once looked back to find the ball. What was up with that? as they say.

Big Jack Krack said...

Sorry I missed you, Dixie. I finked out, although I had tickets and hotel reservations.

It's always fun to meet fellow bloggers.

I couldn't face the 13 hour drive from where I live with the bad feeling I had that we would get stomped.

I guess I wasn't a true fan this time. I think my wife was relieved because we'd rather fly than drive - but the airline tickets were ridiculous.

NEDofSavinHill said...

It was a good season overall. Remember that TOB and Coughlin didn't even make a bowl in their first year. It is a building process. Nine guys in the box required a high level of QB play. BC didn't get it. The offense struggled the whole game. The D wasn't good but the D-backs caused the two turnovers. Asprilla forced a fumble on Carey and Johnson recovered the dropped punt. Asprilla also stripped Carey a second time but Carey got the ball back. This one sided loss will help BC down the road. USC will take them lightly and a surprise could be awaiting. Hoping for good weather Labor Day in Foxboro. Happy New Year.

Big Jack Krack said...

Before I forget - and before we hand out all the kudos for the year, let's give it up for Alex Amidon, our "slow" receiver from Western Mass.

That's Alex as in "All time leading BC Receiver" Amidon.

What a pleasure it was watching this guy get better and better. I wish him the best in his career - and he might even get a peek by the pros.

Whatever, he has proven to himself that "yes, I can" and his future is bright. Best of luck, Alex.

Bravesbill said...

Just to clarify, I was pleased overall with the season. I also liked the offensive gameplan in the first half. Day actually did a pretty good job. If BC's wideouts could actually catch, the game could have gone very differently. I was merely commenting on the moral grandstanders who won't let anybody criticize anyone on this blog (looking at you Joseph among others).

JBQ said...

Happy New Year to everyone on this blog. The passion expended is heartwarming. Atlanta is a long way from Boston and a bit warmer. Indeed, Boston College is that "shining village on the hill". Now, I will go into mourning until Spring. In basketball, I will root for Villanova.

Joseph said...

Bravesbill, or anyone else here, can criticize as much as they choose, but BB has no idea how to do it with any class at all. Exactly what does he mean by "suck"? Bad person? Poor athlete? Stupid? What? Try to use what little brainpower you have to explain a bit. It was well said earlier when the level of talent was brought up. It was not an effort problem, not a game plan problem, not a coaching problem. At my absolute best, you could have the best coaches in the world working with me using a game plan put together by Bill Belichick and I would still never perform to the high standards demanded by the college game today. No matter how hard I would try I would never be good enough, but suck, I don't think so. I'm sure that the same would apply to BB.

That is my problem with super jerks.

Unknown said...

Men's BB losing to Harvard by 12 in the second half.

dixieagle said...

BJK - would have loved to meet up with you, as well.My husband and I hope to head to Tallahassee for the FSU game next fall- maybe we can catch up with each other there.

In the meantime, I will have to be content with meeting Andre Williams (and 1 or 2 more Eagles, I hope) during Senior Bowl week down here, and then with spring practice. It's a LONG time until Aug. 30.

Bravesbill said...

Again stop grandstanding Joseph. Your arrogant attempt at moral superiority is laughable.

Joseph said...

Sorry BB, You win, at least in your own crude mind.

Bravesbill said...

Haha crude? Because I said that the basketball team sucks? Note to Joseph, I never singled out a player (even though I would be entirely justified considering these guys get roughly 60k+ a year in benefits). I hate to bring politics into this, but you remind me of the typical leftwing PC police.

Hario said...

Did I really read a prediction that Daz will be gone by next October? -- team may take a step back next year due to youth but jeez that seems like a quick trigger