Friday, December 13, 2013

Watch Meter talk to Troy Flutie

Programming note: Friday morning at 10 AM NESN debuts "Life is Great New England." Meter is hosting and interviewing future Eagle Troy Flutie. I am sure it will focus on Flutie's record breaking high school career but I bet they will get into his plans for BC.

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Napolean Bonaparte said...

Saw Flutie lose to Barnstable. They were just better all around than Natick and Flutie did not have his best game on a very windy abnormally cold night. Nonetheless, he was very noticeably at a higher level athletically than anyone else (and was probably one of the few D1 recruits on the field). You could especially see it in his running, moves and cuts. Hard to say how he will do at BC as all these Division 1 kids are so talented.