Saturday, December 21, 2013

Women's basketball wins and other links

Women's basketball defeated Holy Cross 77-60. The team is now 7-5.

Here is ESPN's breakdown of all the bowl games.

Keep an eye on Ben Howland. The former UCLA coach is taking time off but wants to coach again. Barring a turnaround, I think we will be in the market for a new coach. Howland would be a great fit.


Napolean Bonaparte said...

Howland is right up there with Pearl in terms of overall skill level. Assuming we put up the money, what do people think our chances would be in landing Howland? Does a guy like that want to take on a basket case project that BC has allowed itself to become? If he really thought about it - the visibility he'd get at turning around BC would be huge.

jswheights08 said...

Do you really want Howland leading BC? This article paints an unflattering picture of his leadership, despite the success at UCLA.

EL MIZ said...

if Howland was willing, he'd be the best hire. the UCLA SI story is certainly strange, but seems like more was going on that was reported. 2 sweet 16s with Pitt and 3 straight final 4's with UCLA. i don't think he'd leave the West Coast though.

Big Jack Krack said...

We are in trouble for the Independence Bowl - there is very little interest. Even Atl has next to nothing on it.

That was one of my main reasons for hoping we would beat Syracuse and get the Music City Bowl in Nashville.

If we come out flat, we're hurting. They will stuff Andre just like Syracuse did early.

Teams get mad when you say here we come with Andre - see if you can stop us! We're not even going to try anything else.