Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BC blows out VT

BC used its timeoff to tighten their D and improve their 3-point shooting. Or that's what it felt like as they blew away Virginia Tech Wednesday. Anderson led the defensive effort, but the real surprise was Heckmann's 14 points, 12 of which came from long distance. It was nice to win, but I still don't know what to make of it. Virginia Tech is terrible.

This should be the type of win that gives us hope. This should be the type of win that justifies Donahue's defensiveness. But I am not counting on anything. Go into Notre Dame and beat a decent team and then we can put some credence into Wednesday's resurgence.


Unknown said...


eagle said...

Good Job "D"onahue.

Glad the plan is gelling and things are now (a tad late) coming together. The loss of Clifford was a body blow, and, somehow, "D"onahue was able to overcome that.

Maybe all this #fire_onahue stuff can stop.

Spaz was given 4 years. Skinner had much more time. Donahue needs some more time. I think we are an NIT team this year, and likely a BIG DANCE team next year.

I am sure the conservative, measured Mr. Bates appreciates this and is not going to be listening to some lame bloggers saying otherwise.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

@eagle, one game does not a "plan gelling" make.

We have the reigning ACC ROY, losing Clifford should not have been such a blow.

This is Donahue's 4th year. Skinner had three sub .500 season and then went 27-5 and 1st in the Big East in his fourth.

But don't let the facts get in the way of your comments.

Bravesbill said...

I think you give ND way too much credit Atl. They are pretty awful this year. This is another winnable game for BC. Rahon easily had his best games this season too. When he is on (which is rare this year), it gives BC a legitimate third option on offense.

JDK said...

ATL - any way Donahue can save himself at this stage? Winning the ACC tourney or bust?

JDK said...
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Hoib said...


Are u sure your screen name shouldn't be Irish?

I've followed BC hoops closely since I was a freshman 1972. Onahue is by far the worst coach during that time. He will be the only one to never make the tourney, and it used to be allot harder to do so.
If Bates keeps this guy we should fire him too!

eagle said...

Don't you worry old Hoib (what is a hoib?), "D"onaYOU will be NITing! (or at least be on the cusp)

Building toward next year. Every year can't be a Sweet Sixteen year... gotta have some rebuilding every now and then.

"Saturday"onShea - maybe you should stick to pigskins or, more likely, pigtails. Right, just fire everybody who does not get into post season play. Was that standard applied to Spaz? No.

eagle said...

Also, Donahue made a touney his first year and won 21 games. He will have a better 4 year record than Skinner. Was Skinner fired after 4 years?

People need to forgive him for being to0 ambitious this year. At least he tried

SaturdaysOnShea said...

Eagle, "pigtails. Clever. Are you 7 years old?

you're right. Getting into the postseason wasn't the standard that was applied to Spaz. The standard applied to Spaz was that we kept losing games and saw no progress. Which is the situation we have the hoops right now.

When did being on the cusp of making into the NIT (arguable at best) become the measure of a successful season? I'm sorry, but I think most, if not all, major basketball teams from a power conference would consider that a bit of a disappointment. The NCAA Tournament is the goal for all teams. Not the NIT. Donahue himself said that he thought the touch OOC schedule would be key to making it into the tournament.

I agree that we can't expect every year to be a tournament year. But I do think we can at least expect to be competitive in our own conference, which we haven't been since the end of the Skinner era.

This team isn't building anything, is what you're missing. Last year was the "building" year for what was supposed to be a successful year this year.

Your apologies for the Don are startling and suggests a total disconnect with the reality of the state and apparent trajectory of this basketball team.

Thomas said...

Eagle -

The standard was not applied to Spaz because Genie D was/is and idiot(who rewarded his outstanding efforts with an extension). So that argument is foolish, at best.

And the reason everyone here is frustrated with Donahue is the clear regression (or half glass full - lack of improvement) from last season's team that got hot towards the end of the year.

A bid to the NIT is a long shot, at best. Last year the worst major conference team to make it went 18-16. We'd need to catch fire for 6 weeks to even come close to that.

Thomas said...

Saturday, you beat me to it.

Bravesbill said...

At first glance, I thought eagle was being sarcastic. I couldn't fathom someone being that disconnected from reality (outside of Joseph).

Lenny Sienko said...

A win is a win is a win....BUT it is clear from last night's victory that, even when it works, Donahue's system is not enough for the ACC.

The reliance on high percentage 3-point shooting is dubious. The lack of an inside game makes the perimeter weave easier to guard. VT is worse than we are on defending the 3, if that's possible.

Last night Donahue's system worked as well as it has all year, yet you can see that it is not sustainable, even with a better defensive effort.

ATL_eagle said...

Donahue can't save his job. Maybe he could win the ACC Tourney but that is not happening.

Hoib said...


Hoib is Brooklynese for Herb. You might hear some spoken at the Garden if your pipe dream NIT forecast comes to pass and they advance.
I have to go now or I'll miss the blue plate special.