Friday, January 17, 2014

Clifford to redshirt

Dennis Clifford's short season is already over. He will not play again this year and apply for a  medical redshirt. While this is disappointing for him and the team, I still think it is best. The season is already a mess and while I think his brief appearance showed he might have made a difference, there isn't much to play for.

Big men with feet and leg issues are always an concern in basketball. I don't know if more time off will ever help Clifford regain his old form and reach his potential. I also don't know if his prior issues are tied to his current ankle pain. But more time off might help. Clifford sitting also helps adjust the roster and scholarship distribution.

I hope the time off helps Clifford. We can't count on him ever being 100% but he could be a useful player to the next two BC Basketball teams.


dixieagle said...

So sorry to hear this. I hope that sitting out makes a difference for him in the long run.

JBQ said...

Sadly, this continues to be a mess. Brad Bates needs to put on his maroon shirt with the gold "S" on it and fly into action.