Friday, January 24, 2014

Tweets of the Week


WI_Eagle said...

The Tim Stewart comment led me to do a little research....BC is BY FAR the worst defensive team in a major conference. Below is worst defensive team from each conference with Kenpom defensive efficiency.

BC 306
AAC Temple 239
ACC ND 167
Big 10 Penn St 139
Big 12 WV 177
Big E DePaul 164
Pac 12 OSU 185
SEC Auburn 230

Then I looked at the worst team defensively in the ACC since BC joined in '05-'06. Of course this year's team is the worst of the worst.

2013 VT 257
2012 BC 294
2011 Wake 281
2010 BC 110
2009 NC St 198
2008 UVA 173
2007 The U 209
2006 Wake 129

We're talking historically bad, records-books kind of defense here.

mod34b said...

interesting WI

So who are our peers down there at #306? That should provide a laugh.

WI_Eagle said...

Oh, you know, sandwiched between Stetson at 305 and Duquesne at 307.

I should have mentioned, for those not familiar with Kenpom, that the denominator is 351 (total D-1 teams). Bottom 13% of all D-1 teams.

dixieagle said...

I was at the game where Auburn - the worst of the SEC - manhandled them. Just awful. End this now.

@timstwrt said...

Funniest aspect to me: Cornell is 350. Donahue would be welcomed back as a defensive visionary.

Big Jack Krack said...

This is an utter disgrace, Mr Bates.

We've never seen anything like it.

You will not be criticized for pulling the trigger. I have no idea what we owe 'Onahue, but the whistler need to be gone right after the last game - if not immediately.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Amen Big Jack. Donahue has become the new Spaz. We are not merely losing and having a tough season. Its become pathetic.