Sunday, February 23, 2014

Amidon's decision

While Andre Williams and Matt Patchan open eyes at the NFL Combine, there is one BC star whose story is not getting much attention. Alex Amidon began the season as a legitimate Wide Receiver prospect. Although BC passed less this year, Amidon's speed against elite DBs would have been enough to get NFL attention. Yet he isn't at the NFL Combine and is not training for the BC Pro Day. Alex Amidon has decided to not continue his football career. Instead he's enjoying his final days at BC as a regular student.

While I don't think Amidon would have been a sure thing in the NFL, he was good enough. Amidon possessed legitimate speed and decent hands. He easily could have caught on with the right team or in a pass happy system. Heck, he still has time to change his mind. But regardless I think Amidon does deserve congratulation on his choice. Not many people could or would turn down the allure of the NFL to find their own path.


JBQ said...

He's the real star. May God bless "double A" with peace and fruition. May God intervene and turn the NFL back to the original purpose of the Rooneys.

eagle said...

ATL, asked us to congratulate you for not trying. ATL says you "deserve" congrats. So here goes.

Congratulations Alex!

Where others may have seen opportunity in the NFL, you know there is nothing like partying in the Mods last semester senior year! Congratulations!

Where others would fight against being underestimated, you've decided they are right. Congratualtions!

Where others would try for that chance in a lifetime to play in an NFL stadium, you've decided that playing before a half empty Alumni Stadium is the stuff of dreams. Congratuatlions!

Where others like Luke Kuechly would take leave from BC to become work out warriors to impress at the NFL Combine, your idea of an off campus work out seems to start at MaryAnne's

You truly are an inspiration to couch potatoes everywhere. You've had your day in the sun, and now at age 21 is the time to relax and reflect on your past glory!



Unknown said...

I don't know who you are, but you have no idea what you are talking about. You should be ashamed.

blist said...

Stay classy eagle. People are free to do with their lives how they see fit, not to fulfill your fantasies to live vicariously through a 22-year old guy. Believe it or not, people can find useful, good-foor-society things to do leaving BC, besides being concussion- fodder for your TV pleasure.

C. Scanz said...'re an idiot.

Hoib said...

No concussions for Alex, smart move. Enjoy some well earned fun w/ your friends, and thanks for the memories.

prisbyal said...

"...the Internet's greatest villains are good old fashioned "everyday" psychotic Machiavellian sadists."

The article goes on to say if they're not sadistic, they're probably psychotic or narcissistic. Given the forum and previous posts, I'm going to say he's a 'hey look at me' narcissist.

So, Congrats Eagle!

Where others may just congratulate a player who exemplified what you want in a BC football player you found a place in your heart to mock him.

Where others would say, 'hey Eagle, you're a complete ass hat', you've proven them right. Congratulations!

Where others are happy that someone has decided to take the road less taken, you decided to make it all about you.

Where others like Observer College satirically and intelligently jab at college athletics you lower the level entire conversation.

You are truly an inspiration to internet trolls everywhere! I look forward to ignoring every post from here on out!



SaturdaysOnShea said...

Eagle has to be an aliASS or a gag poster. There is no way someone can seriously say the things he has said on this site.

Bravesbill said...

Eagle tries to be like Observer, but doesn't have the wit or intelligence.

eagle said...
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dixieagle said...

Alex, thank you for being a bright light in some otherwise disappointing seasons. Nowhere is it written that every college player must try to make it in the NFL. You'll have a degree from a prestigious institution and will, I am sure, excel in whatever path you follow. Godspeed.

Big Jack Krack said...

I really enjoyed watching you develop during your 4 years. You are a classy young man who was thrown into the fire as a true freshman.

I think you were dealing with a hamstring issue your 1st season as well. I can't imagine what it must have been like to play major college football directly out of high school.

A "little birdie" told me that - and also said "wait till you see him run."

I think you got as much out of your own potential and ability as anyone we've ever had at BC - and I think that's just great.

I wish I had more time right now to properly thank you. Maybe I'll be reading one of your books someday. :-)

Best of luck, Alex - the future is bright.

dixieagle said...

Here is the reason Alex won't be pursuing an NFL career. God bless him:

Go fly a kite, "eagle."

SaturdaysOnShea said...

Alex, ATL asked us to congratulate you for not trying to go to the NFL. ATL says you "deserve" congrats. You do. So here goes.

Congratulations, Alex!

Where others may have seen the opportunity in the NFL, you know there is nothing more important than defending the way of life we hold so dear and enabling others that opportunity. Congratulations!

Where others would fight on the gridiron for glorys on Sundays, you will take the fight to the enemy on our behalf. Congratulations!

Where others would try for that chance in a lifetime to play in an NFL stadium, you've decided there are far greater things in life. Congratulations!

While others would take leave from BC to become work out warriors, you have decided to pick up a shield, stand a post, and become a true warrior. Congratulations!

You are truly an inspiration to all of us. You are the embodiment of a man for others seeking ever to excel. As a service member, I say thank you, Semper Fidelis, and Congratulations

eagle said...
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eagle said...

SaturdaysonMrsShea, Nicely done.

Interesting how a bit of news and a dollop of vengence can really inspire your creative juices (at least as a mimic)

Alex, congrats and thank you!

totheights said...

Eagle, Congratulations on not being able to spell.

Where others may have seen the opportunity in 3rd grade, you know there is nothing like sucking on that bright green lollipop while the other kids learn how to spell properly. Congratulations!

Or should I say Congratualtions? Or maybe Congratuatlions? Is that like a special way to Congratulate lions or something?

[This is where you insert dumb smiley face that my teenage sister would use to text her friends]