Friday, February 28, 2014

Coaching Profiles: Bruce Pearl

We all know the issues BC needs to address with regards to Bruce Pearl. But as other schools ready to fire their coaches, it is also important to ask "would Pearl come back to BC?" Behind closed doors I wonder if Pearl would prefer going back to the SEC where he knows the coaches, never has to worry about recruits graduating and can stay relatively close to his family. Auburn is likely to make a change. Alabama could also be looking for a new coach. If both decide to suck up their pride and hire a former Tennessee coach (and if Mike Slive doesn't blackball Pearl), I would think Pearl would prefer those jobs to BC.

-- Instant excitement and energy around the basketball program
-- Pearl's style would probably suit the current roster and be a reasonable transition
-- Pearl is willing to sell the program to recruits, media and fans
-- Great redemption story
-- Bringing in an established winner

-- Unless a comprise can be worked out on the show clause, BC would voluntarily place itself on probation until August 2014
-- Unless the show clause is adjusted, Pearl cannot recruit until August
-- Pearl's baggage will be used against BC in recruiting
-- Any basketball issue (on or off the court) will be overly scrutinized because of Pearl's history

If you are basing the decision purely on basketball, Pearl is the obvious choice. However, it is not that simple. Can he be contrite and say the right things to BC? Will he overplay his hand with any new suitor and end up alienating all the major programs? Will Brad Bates put his reputation in the line with the BC trustees for this one hire? I still think it is all unlikely. Who knows? We are approaching Lent. Maybe the story of the Prodigal Son will strike a nerve with the right people when it comes time to pursue Pearl.


Hoib said...

Sad to see the comments about SEC, because they make too much sense. I'm sure he can get more $ down there and play against slightly easier competition.

Bruce say it ain't so your school needs you!

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Good analysis. Knowing BC - they won't go near him and he will be hired by another ACC program who will routinely destroy us and rake in millions for years to come due to his leadership and skills. Then the new story will be "what in God's name were they thinking up at BC".

Unknown said...

Take it for what its worth, but somebody on the paid PC message board claims to have some kind of inside information to the BC athletic department and said that the administration is very seriously considering Pearl and may have already been exploring a compensation package to put together for him. Here was the post ...

"Heard from a BC booster that Donohue is definitely out after this year, and that the athletic dept. is preparing to put together an offer package to Bruce Pearl, as his sanctions expire at the end of this season. He did say that they would need to get that cleared by the Board, which could be challenging considering that it is a Catholic school.

But either way, I found that news interesting and thought I would pass it along."

mod34b said...

BC is not hiring Pearl. Period.

Can we stop talkig about Pearl?

Pointless. But I am sure we will be hearing from all the standard-less moral relativist soon. Hard to believe these "MR"s are Jesuit educated and/or (mainly) Catholic.

Unknown, your 'insider' sounds like he is a bs poster.

Bravesbill said...

BC is not hiring Pearl because mod said so.

mod34b said...

Bravesbill - correct

Joseph said...

Exactly what does "catholic" have to do with it?

eagle1331 said...

Isn't it ironic how we talk about our Jesuit education and Catholic moral compass, yet in the same conversation we type about not forgiving the transgressions of someone?

How BC could never hire someone that did something SO BAD, because, after all, the religious background of the University dictates that we not forgive someone...

... oh, wait...

Dports1 said...

Pearl is Jewish. Does this impact how he is viewed by BC? I'd hope it's a non-issue, but something tells me it won't be with the admins and SJs.

Unknown said...

I dont know either way, which is why I said take it for what its worth, but why would some random person post that on the Providence College paid message board just to make up BS ?

I have no clue as to his/her motivation and I dont know who his/her source was or what was specifically said, just passing along the info.

mod34b said...

@Joseph: Veritatis Splendor by Pope John Paul II forcefulyl rejects moral relativism. Catholics, Jesuits, accept Veritatis Splendor. Got it!

mod34b said...

Eagle1331 nothing ironic at all. You're confused.

Suppose you own a store and you find that your best cashier has been stealing from the till for months and telling elaborate lies to hid thevsorry truth . The cashier confesses to stealing, but explains that her baby is sick and the extra money was needed to keep the baby healthy.

What do you do? Fire the cashier? Yes. forgive the cashier, sure. Maybe even help the cashier's baby with a gift of some moey.

But forgiving is not forgetting. The cashier is untrustworthy and it would be foolish to rehire the person as a cashie againr. Just because you forgive the cashier, does not mean your memory gets erased and your judgment/opinion gets erased too. By forgiving, your are not neccesarily forgeting You should not continue a relationship with an untrustworthy person as if nothing happened. THe cashier must work to rebuild trust

Now Bruce Pearl did not hurt BC. He did not do anything to BC. Sure BC can forgive him "his trespasses" but that does not mean that BC should ignore -forget - solid evidence of Pearl's lack of trustworthiness

Pearl can continue to rehabilitate his low character, but until he does he should not even be mentioned as a possible Boston College coach.

Nothing ironic here at all.

Hoib said...

Seems like some high level religious discourse going on here. Maybe u guys would be more fulfilled hashing this out on a catholic blog.
We're just talking about a game here. I'd like to see us win some. When Bear Bryant was asked why he went back to Alabama he said "Moma called me home". I hope we can instill that feeling in Bruce.

JBQ said...

I like the "white Pele". Just look at what he is accused of doing and compare it to what goes on regularly in the SEC. Johnny Manziel never even went to class. He took all of his courses on computer with some hot damsel taking his exams.

mod34b said...

Hoib says

"We're just talking about a game here" so let's drop any standards and just win. Alumni just want to be entertained!!! Yeah" Go to a Catholic board if you want to talk about good and evil and all that stuff. I am here to find some entertainment.


So Hoib, actually, we're not " just talking about a game" at all. We're talking about an important institution: Boston College.

It might be more fun for you if you become a 'Bama fan and dropped BC altogether. Roll Tide! .

blist said...

Can someone tell me what Bruce did that he wouldn't be hired by BC -- is it holding a barbecue that would now be allowed under NCAA rules? Telling someone not to mention it? Once the guy showed up at your grill, what would you do? Throw him out? If that's it, then sounds like something he can learn from and we can live with.
An alum who is a proven winner and would bring excitement back to the basketball program. Sounds like a good fit to me.
OK, now Mod34b can come back and show off how much attention he paid in his core theology courses.

EL MIZ said...

this is why we pay an AD to vet candidates and make tough decisions. to me, its all on Bates to meet with Pearl and feel the guy out. if there's an interview and Bates' instinct is that Pearl has learned from his mistakes and is eager for a second chance, then there will not be a better candidate. he's won big at every stop, he'd inject a desperately needed amount of energy into the program, and a coach of his caliber wouldn't normally even consider BC.

mod, you're example doesn't hold. in your situation, BC is in desperate need of a cashier, and is on the verge of going out of business because of its inability to find a good cashier. out of all the candidates considered, one stands head and shoulders above the rest, but was fired from his last job because he lied about having his friends over for a BBQ when he wasn't working. if i owned a store, i'd hire him.

i don't view Pearl's transgressions as serious. he covered up a totally bogus NCAA violation. it almost makes me like him even more that he tried to stick it to the sham institution that is the NCAA.

Hoib said...


It is a game. He committed a violation,the refs caught him and penalized him. Just like on the court. I want us to play by the rules same as everyone else and leave the preaching to the priests. If I went to Bama I would root for them, but I bleed Eagle maroon and gold. I'm tired of getting our ass's kicked by the UNC's of the world while being coached by a Boy Scout. If we are not willing to compete w/ the member's of our league on an equal basis we should admit it and play in the Patriot league. Trying to play in the ACC w/ 1 arm behing our back is folly.

Unknown said...

Lacrosse's Stanwick and Rix Named to 2014 Tewaaraton Award Watch List
Stanwick has 17 points so far this season and Rix has 16

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. – Boston College juniors Covie Stanwick and Mikaela Rix have earned spots on the women’s watch list for the 2014 Tewaaraton Award, announced by the Tewaaraton Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Stanwick, a native of Baltimore, Md., has recorded 17 points on nine goals and eight assists through BC’s first four games. She was also named one of six finalists for’s 2014 Player of the Year.

Rix, a product of Garden City, N.Y., has recorded 16 points on a team-best 13 goals and three assists. The junior midfielder earned’s Player of the Week honors for the week of Feb. 17 after leading the Eagles to a 15-10 upset over the then 11th -ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish. She also garnered ACC Player of the Week accolades the same week.

The Tewaaraton Award annually honors the top male and top female college lacrosse player in the United States. The selection committees are made up of top collegiate coaches and are appointed annually by The Tewaaraton Foundation. Committees will make additions to these lists as the season progresses and athletes earn a spot alongside these elite players. Both lists will be narrowed to 25 men’s and women’s nominees in late April. In mid-May, five men’s and five women’s finalists will be announced. These finalists will be invited to Washington, D.C. for the 13th annual Tewaaraton Award Ceremony, May 30 at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian.

mod34b said...

Hoib, Blist, and El Miz - there are no standards for you and other MRs. That's too bad. Increasing the chance for Winning is your only standard. You'll happily "look away" from any "moral red flags". Indeed, the idea of drawing a judgment makes you and other MR uncomfortable. Minimimizing, dismissing and ignoring are the tools of that realm.

I don't think Brad Bates thinks like you. Hope not anyway.

Did you graduate from CSOM?

EL MIZ said...

"No standards" = being okay with a coach who lied about having a barbecue and has been suspended for 2 years for said "crime". LOL

Michael said...

Oh and he short changed me on my meal money on a trip to the Big East Tournament in Hartford :) Yes they played the Big East Tournament in Hartford.

The Bruce Pearl conversation is irrelevant unless he is coming back as The Eagle, because BC is not eating that contract. Go Eagles.

PS - Congrats to former assistant and good guy Joe Jones at BU. Moving to the Patriot League is not the worst thing in the world:

EL MIZ said...

i am curious as to where the "BC will never eat the contract" sentiment has developed. i have read it on his board, i have heard it from BC supporters i know. when has that been the case?

The Eagles started 2-5 this season and were riding a five-game losing streak. But BC turned it around, winning five straight to earn a berth in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl against Nevada in San Francisco on Jan. 9.

Spaziani is now signed through the 2015 season.

from december 2010.

he was fired in november 2012.

in 2007, al skinner received a contract extension through 2012-13.

Boston College head men's basketball coach Al Skinner has received a contract extension that will keep him in his current position through the 2012-13 season,

he was fired in march 2010.

EL MIZ said...

BOTH Spaz and Skinner were fired with 3 seasons left on their contracts. Jags was fired after 2 years so i'd imagine he had 3 left, at least. if anything, BC has shown a willingness to cut ties with a coach regardless of contract.

when Donahue was hired (april 2010), the word was it was a 5-year deal. ( some reported a "rollover contract" which adds an additional season at the conclusion of each season, so that there are always five years left on the deal.

if true, would be mass incompetence on the part of Gene D LOL. (if the contract is as it is described, that essentially means we'll never fire him, which obviously can't be the case. no way Gene gave this guy in essence a lifetime contract, even slick Gene couldn't have been so dense.)

regardless, if Skinner had 3, Spaz had 3, Jags likely had 3, i dont think it will preclude BC from firing Donahue.

i dont see a new, well-liked AD risking the alienation of a large percentage of the booster base and BC fans at large by keeping a coach who has virtually no supporters.

we are 8-21 (4-12 in the ACC, 2nd to last place) with a team composed almost entirely of juniors and sophomores brought in and groomed by Donahue. we returned by far the most minutes in the ACC, and we among the worst teams. you set the program back 4 years if you keep him one more with 7 schollies open starting next year. barring BC winning the ACC tourney and making the NCAAs, Donahue is done.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I would hope that Donahue is done but Bates not getting rid of Gambino in the face of the most horrendous coaching record I can remember at BC makes me a little concerned. Now I realize that baseball is not at the same altitude as basketball - but any AD focused on establishing institutional excellence and winning standards would have never retained Gambino. On top of that, Donahue says all the right things about student development and you know why I'm a little concerned.

Hoib said...


Excellent post. Quite impressive to this MR!

Hario said...

El Miz has covered my thoughts on this pretty well.

BC has fired coaches with years left before so I expect them to again.

If he has a rollover deal that they wouldnt eat this year than they would never and donahue has a lifetime deal with BC -- i doubt they take that position

as far as the moral issue of bruce pearl coming back? - All things considered he would have done his time for lying to the NCAA for having a BBQ
Its hard for me to think its the end of the world in the world of the NCAA

mod34b said...

He knowingly violated recruiting rules. He lied to investigators. Sought to get others to lie.


For the minimizers, we can pretend it's about a backyard BBQ and that the NCAA is the bad guy here.

But I am not caught up in your love affair with Bruce, I crave a different kind if buzz, the ever to excel kind

Hoib said...

One more thing on this Aron Craft, the kid he invited to the BBQ turned out to be a hell of a player. One of the best on ball defenders I've seen. So Bruce knows talent.


I don't think u care about hoops anyway. U never have anything to say about the games. I think you're just bored waiting for football and the return of the awesome Ryan Day offensive juggernaut. Until then your just enjoying tweaking us desperate hoop fans.

mod34b said...

Actually, no, Hoib.

I care about BC, more than hoops, more than football etc.

I shouldn't worry about the slippery Pearl. I know BC and there is a 100% chance Pearl does not get a sniff in 2014.

I don't watch much hoops lately so I don't comment too much. I used to like BC hoops going back to John Bagley days.

Hoib said...


We'll we can agree on 1 thing. Bags was a heck of a player. If he stayed 4 years he might have been BC's best ever. Davis was some coach too. The great one's never stay long enough!

hsk said...

From what I hear Donohue is coming back for one more year. Admin. loves the fact that he has run a squeaky clean program, no jumping out of windows incidents etc.. They like him as a person, feel for him because they acknowledge this is not ACC level talent. A new coach couldn't do much with this group, so they will pass the torch when the scholie's open up.

hsk said...

From what I hear Donohue is coming back for one more year. Admin. loves the fact that he has run a squeaky clean program, no jumping out of windows incidents etc.. They like him as a person, feel for him because they acknowledge this is not ACC level talent. A new coach couldn't do much with this group, so they will pass the torch when the scholie's open up.

Mark Rosen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dylan Brett said...


Who is giving you this information? On the contrary, I'm hearing the opposite. Yes, everyone in the AD thinks he's a nice guy, but he's the one that is responsible for the underwhelming talent. Why would they let him coach one more year and not give a new HC a head start. Your information makes no sense. I feel for the Cap, as he is a very nice guy, his players are good kids, he's everything that is right with college hoops, with a couple of exceptions; he CANNOT recruit and he's a micromanager. FWIW, Jeremy Miller wants to stay at home and he will still stay at home when SD is gone next year.

BCMike said...

"They like him as a person, feel for him because they acknowledge this is not ACC level talent".

One would assume these admin members would also realized that it was onahue who recruited the entirety of this team.


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