Friday, February 14, 2014

Dick Kelley, 1965-2014

When message boards started leaking news that Mark Herzlich might have cancer, the first person I called was Dick Kelley. I knew Dick would be honest in what he knew, have the right perspective and outlook on the situation, and above all I knew Dick would always do and say what was best for BC's student athletes. Last night, Dick lost his battle to A.L.S. If you are a BC sports fan or member of the BC community, you will miss Dick, even if you did not have the pleasure of knowing him.

One recurring thing I hear from BC fans is how they feel BC kids are different. There may be some base truth to that, but you or I wouldn't know it if not for people like Dick Kelley and his colleagues in Sports Information. Dick was the one who would prep the media and get the good stories and anecdotes out to a larger audience. Dick would write the media guides and press releases that would serve as the introduction of so many BC athletes to the national stage. And as you've read countless times from former athletes, it was Dick who helped so many men and women find their own voice, but a voice that echoed and reinforced the values of the school they represented.

I didn't know any of Dick's family but I've known various members of Dick's second family, the Sports Information Department. I feel for them right now. This ends an emotionally overwhelming three years, but it was all still too fast.

Dick dedicated most of his life to BC and helped hundreds of BC students in his time. I don't know how you can honor or repay that dedication and sacrifice. I am just thankful for his help, friendship and what he did for Boston College.


Rita A. King said...
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Rita A. King said...


Always BC, always classy. Praying for Dick's family.

- TokenMom

CT said...

RIP. Seemed like a genuinely good man from every word printed about him. Big loss for the community. Terrific legacy as a result.

Erik said...

Dick Kelley was amazing. He is from the same town as me and his mother was my teacher in both first and third grades. Not surprisingly she was also my favorite teacher that I remember having -- consistent with someone who would raise a person like Dick. Mrs Kelley was my teacher around the time Ted Kelley was leading our hoop team with character and determination, playing at a level higher than he probably should have.

Among my first days as a freshman at BC, I went to visit Dick Kelley. He was very friendly and very receptive to meet a new student athlete from his town. I never had to work directly with him in the capacity he helped other student athletes, but he never failed to say hello, smile, or tell a joke when we crossed paths. That is how I will remember him. He was the best, and will be missed.

Carl Koubek said...

Great picture, he really was the behind the scenes glue for a lot of the success that went on at Conte/Alumni.

Navillus said...

Very sad to hear of Dick's passing. I worked with Dick as a volunteer for the SID back in '97 while attending grad school. He was a class act who loved all the students and he loved BC. Thanks Dick for all your contributions and unwavering passion. My most sincere condolences to his family and friends. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be looking down and cheering on BC from Paradise.

JBQ said...

You have to understand that "good never dies". It is eternal.