Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Potential issues for BC's Combine invitees

The NFL invited five BC players to the Combine. Andre Williams, Matt Patchan and Kasim Edebali, Kevin Pierre-Louis and Kaleb Ramsey all played well enough to earn the Combine invite but all still have a lot to prove. The Combine is just their first chance to impress and overcome any objections, potential teams might have. Here are each player's issues:

Andre Williams -- Teams will first want to know that he is healthy. After the medical issues, I am sure there will be questions about his versatility and if he can perform in a pass focused, zone running offense.

Matt Patchan -- Also has an injury history. However, his time at BC should put some of that to ease. I am sure scouts will want to know about his strength and if he can play a Tackle position at the NFL Level. 

Kasim Edebali -- Of all the BC players Edebali's 40 time is probably most critical. He's got the perfect frame for an edge rusher in the NFL, but needs to show that he has the speed. 

Kevin Pierre-Louis -- If Edebali has to prove his speed, KPL probably has to prove his size. He's been listed as 6'1, 225 lbs, but I don't know if he will be that big under the NFL's less inflated numbers. He proved he can play and Kuechly's NFL success certainly helps him. But there will be some teams that question KPL's ability to be an every down NFL Linebacker.

Kaleb Ramsey -- Ramsey's got the package and athleticism. Most NFL teams that do their homework will probably wonder about his desire. Is he motivated and ready for the grind of the NFL? 


mod34b said...

Kickers are invited to the NFL combine. Wonder why Nate Freese was not invited? I've seen him listed in draft boards as a 7th round pick.

mod34b said...

my NFL draft predictions

Patchan: 4th
Williams: 5th
Freese: 7th
Edabli: UDFA
Ramsey: not drafted or UDFA

JBQ said...

The glory of BC is the esprit de corps. If you take a look at the new logo for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you will know that there is a cancer eating away at the NFL. The NFL is no longer "the league" of Vince Lombardi and the glory of the family. It is now about "sex and violence" and "bread and circuses". The NFL is great for the few. For every one success, there are at least 100 who fail. Football is a "means to an end" and not an end in itself. The NFL is "non profit" and now a symbol of decadence and exploitation. The "concussion settlement" is a joke. The take home for Roger Goodell for last year was 42 million. The rest of the graduating squad are the ones who are important and not so much Patchan, Williams, Freese, KPL, and Ramsey.

Bravesbill said...

This offense at the end of the game is flat out brutal. 3 man weave at the 3 point line leading to 30 foot shots at the buzzer. And Hanlan barely touches the ball. Nice coaching Donahue.

CT said...

No timeouts. Costly. Still, way to hang in there.

CT said...

Attacking that zone.

CT said...

Now how's that?


And Boeheim hates us.

Gutty win.

Bravesbill said...

BC got really really lucky at the end. I still can't believe that Hanlan barely touched the ball in the last few minutes of regulation. Absolutely ugly to watch. Kudos to then for gutting out the win though.

CT said...

It was ugly, but against the No. 1 team on the road...hard to complain this night. It was fortuitous that Syracuse didn't get a bounce on the rim about three or four times late, but I won't feel sorry for them. BC played well in OT. Never panicked, even when they went from up three to down one with about 90 secs left.

Rahon looked so physically overmatched, it actually looked walkonish.

Nice FTs by Jackson at the end.

What a strange team this is.

Hoib said...

Andre's challenge will be to show he can block,catch, and hold on to the ball. All 3 a must in the Pass happy NFL.

Maybe KPL can move to safety in the Pros?