Saturday, March 08, 2014

Naming names: other potential replacements

As we near the end of the season, speculation on Donahue and his potential replacements will kick up. From everyone I've talked to, I still believe Donahue is done. (I will write more as we play our final games.)

Assuming a change is made, Bates will have plenty of choices for replacements. Our new AD keeps things pretty close to the vest, so we don't know which way he will go. I've featured some of the top candidates. Here are some other names that will get floated by agents, media, BC fans and BC admins.

-- Mike Lonergan. George Washington Head Coach.
-- Chris Mack. Xavier Head Coach.
-- Ed Cooley. Providence Head Coach.
-- Tommy Amaker. Harvard Head Coach.
-- Chris Mooney. Richmond Head Coach.
-- Steve Wojciechowski. Duke Assistant.
-- Tim Cluess. Iona Head Coach.
-- Pat Skerry. Townson Head Coach.
-- Randy Bennett. Saint Mary's Head Coach.
-- Joe Jones. BU Head Coach
-- Tim O'Shea. Bryant Head Coach. BC Grad.
-- Mark Schmidt. St. Bonaventure Head Coach. BC Grad.

Of these guys, I would say Amaker, Lonergan and Cooley are the most likely real candidates. By "real" I mean they will get interviews and would have real interest in the job. I like Joe Jones, but think his ties to Donahue kill his chances. I like O'Shea and Schmidt but don't think either would even get a sniff of the job if they had not graduated from BC. Look for them to get courtesy interviews.

All of these guys have a gap or two on their resumes. I still think Bates needs to make a real effort with Pearl and Howland. After that, the field is wide open.


Andrew said...

Cooleys not going anywhere. Grew up in Providence. Doing well and loves it.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Lonergan, Mack and Cluess certainly have records that look like they have a propensity to win in their DNA. (With a name like Cluess - you better be a winner.) The guy from St. Mary's is likely staying out west. The other guys are a mixed bag. Obviously would prefer Ben Howland or Bruce Pearl but they are likely to be hired by serious programs.

FakeShalomTfree said...

Andrew is right- Cooley's not going anywhere. Sad thing is, he gladly would have come to BC a few years ago (Thanks GDF!)

Knucklehead said...

Wojo, ha. Dukes' version of the coach in waiting. Same with Hopkins at Syracuse.

Like said. Wooden is available. Bobby Knight is available.

The GW coach is sketchy. I would steer clear of him. He is probably getting the job.

Tim Welsh and Seth Greenberg are clowns, for different reasons, but I would not be surprised if they come into play.

I would interview Laval Jordan at Michigan. Real good background for BC.

ATL_eagle said...

Cooley would come. Greenberg doesn't want to coach again.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

What are the concerns with Lonergan? He has a .677 winning percentage over 21 years. Does he have the recruiting experience/connections needed for an ACC job?

EL MIZ said...

Cooley would be my #1 based off of this list. not sure if he would leave Providence though, he's building a nice program and its his hometown, as another commenter mentioned.

Lonergan is an interesting option. built Catholic into a perennial winner. won at Vermont and is now winning at GW.

O'Shea is another interesting guy, and his ties to both BC and Skinner are pluses. only one NCAA tourney appearance since 2001 is somewhat troubling.

each candidate, even Pearl and Howland, will have major things in on the "con" side of the "pro/con" list.

based on the Addazio hire, i think we can assume Bates will look for a guy who (A) has been a head coach before, (B) has spent time as an assistant at a major program, and (C) has some ties to New England/BC.

Unknown said...
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Hoib said...

I agree w/ those who think Cooley is a no go. I spend allot of time in R.I. W/ connected PC people, they love the guy. Unlike BC hoops is their flagship sport and I bet they'll pay more than BC. If cooley's smart, which I think he is, he'll use us for leverage for a new deal. If this leads to press speculation that BC is willing to spend big bucks maybe it can help get Pearl interested which would be great.

Unknown said...

I would normally agree with the Cooley thing, that he wouldn't leave PC, however, much like the JOB situation at BC, the administration went over his head in the case of the 2 freshman this year.

Neither were criminally charged, and Cooley had suspended them for the non-conf portion of the season, however the school admin interfered and suspended them the entire season on their own. Brandon Austin, the higher rated of the 2 freshman and one of the highest rated players in the country, has subsequently left for Oregon.

Once something like that happens, and I dont care who the coach is, where he is from, if he went to the school, it puts a doubt in their head.

I also think Cooley may not consider BC because of the way that they handled the Skinner situation. Granted it was a diff administration and different circumstance, but I wouldnt be shocked if their was still some ill will there.

In the end, it will come down to dollars. If BC can afford to pay him enough he would consider leaving, regardless of where he is from or what he has done in the previous 4 years at PC.

Unknown said...

Na na na na hey hey hey good bye

Matt said...

How about Avery Johnson?

Claver2010 said...

Disagree ATL, don't see Cooley leaving PC for BC at all.

Andrew said...

Would love to know the source of that "Cooley would come."

Seems like repeated problems having good recruits mesh with the school he's at isn't going to make it more like he goes to a place like BC even if he wanted to leave PC, which is doubtful to me anyway. But, we'll see.