Monday, April 07, 2014

Anderson leaving

Ryan Anderson confirmed his long-rumored transfer Monday night via Twitter.

I usually don't worry about transfers, but this is unfortunate for many reasons. I hoped that everyone would come back, Christian might pick up a late flyer, produce a super soft schedule and get us into the NIT. That seems less likely now. I assume Hanlan will declare for the Draft too, leaving an eight-win team without its two best players.

Rahon was also part of the rumors. However, one rumor I heard was that he was waiting to see what Hanlan does first. If Hanlan leaves, Rahon would supposedly stay, knowing that he would be the team's true point guard. I don't know. The last month has left me very distrusting of rumors.

I also think this is a bad move for Anderson. What's the upside? One year with a better team closer to home? Maybe. But he has to wait a year and the mix at whatever team he picks now could be very different by the time he hits the court in 2015. Anderson was the face of the program during a downturn in BC basketball. It would have been nice for him to stick around for any potential rebirth.

Putting the potential departures aside, long-term this shouldn't hurt Christian. Hopefully it just speeds up his roster churn. While this is not an ideal time to pick up recruits for next year, it has been done (Jared Dudley for one). Transfers are pretty commonplace in college basketball and very expected during coaching changes. Good luck to Ryan. I hope he has a happy ending to his career. Now let's hope Jim Christian is working the phones for someone to replace him.


Lenny Sienko said...

I have one word for you, Mr. Christian (like "The Graduate"): AUSTRALIA.

St. Mary's has turned itself into a west coast basketball power recruiting Aussie kids to play NCAA basketball. They even hired an Aussie assistant coach to keep the pipeline open. (Pay no attention to those sanctions, they were about recruiting violations in France-not Down Under).

John Mahoney is not going to let in any JUCO's, so you better see about frequent flyer miles on Quantas.

Hoib said...

I think this is just as well. I don't see how this team could be any where near an NIT team next season. After the horror show we've had the last 3 years the sooner we transition to the new regime the better. Let's see what kind of players he brings in and what they can do w/ them. I'd rather go 8-24 again but be building towards the future than go 14-18 w/ a bunch of guys who'll be gone when the seasons over.

Hario said...

This team won't win five games if hanlan goes too

Oh is kinda disappointing that Anderson left hours after Christian met with the team(read that was today)

Must not have been a very good sell job from Christian

EL MIZ said...

the real news of the day is that we actually may get a legitimate ACC assistant for the first time in the 2010s. i'll put it this way - i'd rather have Spinelli as the top assistant than I would have Anderson for his senior year. he played hard and was talented, but was lets face it - he was a soft player who would not have been beat up by the Dudley/Smith teams and was the best player on teams that won 7 and 8 games. good luck but BC needs to turn the page and this only expedites it.

Hario said...

Agreed that spinelli and rest of the staff is more important than Anderson

Just worries me that Christian couldn't been get Anderson to think twice about staying...he's going to need some top notch recruiters

Lenny Sienko said...


Where did you see the report about the team meeting with J. Christian?

Erik said...

There is no reason we can't be a good program with American players. Why are we at such a disadvantage that we'd need to do that?

As far as Anderson, I don't get it but also feel like this: it's not like he was on the bench begging for minutes. He was always on the floor. If he doesn't want to lose so many games then play better. Hit shots. Stop somebody on defense. He was the captain, too.
He is very much responsible (and able to affect) the environment and culture he is running away from. BC was a winning basketball team before Ryan Anderson stepped on campus, so to just bolt is pretty weak, in my opinion.

WI_Eagle said...

Have any BC transfers had much success where they ended up? Heslip (if that counts). Shamari Spears and Marquez Haynes were ok. Scoonie Penn if you go further back...that's about all. The rest seemed to fade into bolivian.

Ry said...

Willie Dean played well at Purdue after leaving.

Big Jack Krack said...

The 6'11" kid who went to Wisconsin because of JOB - was his name Grant? Obviously this was awhile back.

He averaged over 20 points per game for the Badgers, and warmed the bench for JOB - a coach who had no idea how to coach a big man.

Lenny Sienko said...


J. Christian is faced with filling holes with players who can produce now. US high school kids who are not MacDonalds All Americans, who we do not get on our best day ever, are not going to be able to play the way we need them to when they step on the floor their first week in school.

The Australian basketball system develops players from a young age, similar to what the Canadians do with hockey players. If you're an 18-year -old Australian, you've had extensive experience and are a seasoned traveler, used to a tough schedule. G'Day.

I was fascinated by St. Mary's success with three Aussies and did some reading on how they have what amounts to supported basketball training centers with room, and board at much younger ages with a different system--outside of the educational system.

BTW there is one line in the Hanlan article on BCI about a team meeting today with J. Christian. This means that Anderson announced his decision after meeting with Christian.

Scott said...

We need him, so I'm sad to seem him go. But far more disappointed with the low class way he went about this. As the face of the program, and team captain, Anderson should not be making this announcement public before meeting with the new coach, his new staff, and hearing their plan for a quick turnaround.

With Hanlan & Rahan not getting along, and
Anderson with one foot already out the door, is it any wonder the team collapsed & gave up? When your 3 best players are this shady, I have to think the players and equally responsible as the coach for the pathetic season. Too bad they don't want to help turn around together. If they had their head on straight, I think they could be a bubble team next year, with G.Owen, D.Hicks, and stronger Magarity returning.

CT said...

How could anyone be upset about this? Burn it and rebuild. Wish him the best. Pull the band-aid off quickly.

GP11 said...

Let's relax on the personal attacks. I'd be pretty damn frustrated if I got recruited to be part of a "super-class" that was going to bring conference-championship level basketball back to BC and get pummeled night in and night out. It's a shame he's leaving. He was a very good player and our most consistent player during his time at BC. Hanlan obviously oozes talent but Anderson brought it every night, forced to play center many nights and bang with guys 3+ inches taller and 30+lbs heavier. That's got to wear thin fast. I wish these guys would give it another year to see if they could live up to (or come close) to last years expectations, but I don't blame him at all for wanting a change of scenery.

Hoib said...


These are not personal attacks, just observations. If there is anyone that Ryan and his teammates should be upset w/ it's Onahue. He did them a great disservice in selling them on the idea that they were ACC caliber players. I have sympathy for their feelings of disappointment, but their beef is w/ the whistler not us.

Another observation: so much for this notion that a BC degree has value to these players. They come here for one reason, to play ball. So the next time people want to get bent out of shape over a Bruce Pearl or a sub par graduation rate they should keep this in mind.

Joseph said...

I just heard that Uconn won it all with a second year ooach with zero, nada, no previous head coaching experience. How is that possible?

So now, if we don't get Aussies we'll never be worth anything. American kids don't how to play.

CEW said...

Paul Grant parlayed his time at Wisconsin into a couple of years in the NBA. Evan Ravenel contributed on the 2012 Ohio State final four team. Plenty of transfers from BC have had success after leaving and I would not be surprised to see Anderson have a good season wherever he ends up.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Lenny - I don't care if he goes to Elbonia if necessary. I agree that the decision makes little sense. He wants to get more playing time in a lesser conference? Does he think he will start on a Pac 12 team? Perhaps he was just very close to Donahue and just needed to get away from BC.

Bravesbill said...

Atl, since BC fire Donahue, isn't it common practice (outside of Ohio) to release players from their obligation if they want to leave so they don't have to sit out a year?

Brian Peterson said...


That is only for HS kids. College players have to sit a year unless they get a special waiver (usually for medical reasons of a family member).

don't think that will be the case here. Likely tranfers where ever he wants (he will be very popular for coaches) and have 1 year to play after sitting out a year.

There is always attrition during coaching changes, not a big deal. New coach comes in and returning players have to decide whether they like the new coach, how he wants to play, etc.


Hoib said...


How did u forget Sanders,Heslip, and Revenel

Bravesbill said...


Meh, I try to block out all that stuff.

Lenny Sienko said...

In case anybody failed to read his bio, J. Christian is ideally suited to recruit Australia, since he played pro basketball there.


He didn't do badly at his presser. "If you can fake sincerity, you've got it made".


BTW Christian described an interview process with faculty and students participating. Why not let the public know what the process involved...after all, its over.

Hoib said...


Australia might be a bit far, but I think you're on the right track. W/ the NCAA champ & Big East champ less than 60 miles away from us we'll only get the cast offs locally.

Knucklehead said...

Anderson to Harvard would be hysterical.

Joseph said...

So, even if we hired the best, biggest splash guy out there, there would be no point because within 60 miles the competition would overwhelm us in the recruiting wars. I wonder how they got to where they are now, or did god ordain them from creation.

BB did us all a favor. Imagine if he wasted money and our emotions going after Calhoun or Calipari.

mod34b said...

81 miles

Hoib said...


As RR once so famously said. There you go again!

Joseph said...

Ah, but Hoib, didn't most posters here damn Hopkins and McCarty for not having head experience? I love Australia too, but recruit there when we have great kids around the corner? Be serious NB.

Joseph said...

Ah, but Hoib, didn't most posters here damn Hopkins and McCarty for not having head experience? I love Australia too, but recruit there when we have great kids around the corner? Be serious NB.