Thursday, April 17, 2014

Christian adds two more staffers

Jim Christian filled out his last two staff spots Thursday. One announcement was expected. The other proved to be a nice surprise.

The first hire was Christian's long-time assistant Bill Wuczynski. BC will be the third school where the two of them have been together. That sort of continuity is valuable when taking over a program. Refreshingly though Christian didn't just move his Ohio staff over. Following the Spinelli model, he also hired Preston Murphy to be his last assistant.

Murphy might be the best hire of the bunch for what he brings to the group. He's young. He's recruited New England extensively and most importantly he's worked at BC before. Christian lacks that connection to BC tradition and the BC basketball alumni community. Although Murphy didn't play at BC, he's been around the program long enough to help Christian adjust.

NCAA rules cap the staff at three. Christian still has to announce a Director of Operations. The Director of Ops is essentially another assistant coach, but there are limitations on what the Director can do with regards to recruits. But Christian is off to a good start. He's got two bulldog recruiters in Spinelli and Murphy and his trusted aid in Wuczynski. On paper it should work. Now they have to get some players on board to fill out the roster for next season.


EL MIZ said...

the JC hire was underwhelming but the Spinelli and Murphy hires are legit. both have recruited New England well and have shown the ability to identify and close talent. that, plus convincing Hanlan to stay, has the momentum slowly building in the right direction.

can the staff find a 5th year senior or a late bloomer HS senior or someone, anyone, to join the team for next year? figure Hanlan and Jackson are the starting backcourt, with Hicks coming off the bench. Heckmann is probably the best perimeter player we have, with Owens, Odio and Dragicevic behind him. hopefully Magarity improves this offseason because who knows what we'll get from Clifford and Caudill has been out of shape for 3 years. finding another serviceable frontcourt player could be the key to fielding a competitive (IE .500) team next season.

also, now is the time that recruiting for next year's class starts. PLENTY of talent in New England still uncommitted - 5 of the top 150 nationally are uncommitted and have been recruited by Spinelli/Murphy/BC to some degree - PG Jalen Adams, C Josh Sharma, F Aaron Falzon, F Chris Baldwin, F Terrance Mann.

Hoib said...


We really need to somehow come up w/ a 4. See comment to yesterday's post on O.

I believe Murph was the one who got Southern, I think they are cousins. Maybe he has some more big cousins who can move their feet better than Josh, who was basically the main reason for Al's demise.

Hario said...

Agree with el Miz

the staff is promising and hopefully JC can prove all of us wrong.

Alan said...
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TheFive said...

The answer to your first question is no, so the latter three are irrelevant.

Hoib said...

Was in R.I. This past w/e w/ some URI alums & fans. They were very disappointed to lose Murphy, he's very highly thought of there.

JBQ said...

One of the better recruits for Christian at Ohio was Tariq Owens. He attempted to follow Christian to BC. The A.D. at Ohio would not release him from his letter of intent. He will now sit out the next year. I would like to know what his eligibility remnant will be at BC.