Monday, April 21, 2014

Make Mile 21 memorable

I don't know what the mood will be like today during the Boston Marathon. The Finish Line will have a new sense of importance and heightened security. But I don't think the part of the race that runs along BC will be all that different. My suggestion for those BC students lining the course is to enjoy the day and cheer like crazy for those passing by. In my opinion it is the best way to honor those impacted by last year's events and those who are running today.


Big Jack Krack said...

I wasn't there but my brother said it was unbelievable. I know the BC crowd would have been great.

The last few miles in the men's race was very exciting and I'm real happy for the winner = Meb K. from San Diego. USA, USA. USA!

The American women were awesome too - I think Flanagan may have run her fastest and the fastest American women's time as well.

The Finish Line was wild - Boylston St, was wild.

JBQ said...

My theory is that BJK is part of an identical triplet sibling conspiracy. He is everywhere. He partied with Chase Rettig's mom and dad in LA. Last I heard was that he was in Ukraine and had his picture taken standing behind one of Putin's uniformed gestapo without the i.d. tags. He was wearing his BC hockey jersey with the identification tag blocked out. I still knew who it was.

Lenny Sienko said...

All of the special attention and the extra ceremonies are great and needed; but the best thing that can happen is getting back to "normal" as soon as possible.

"Mile 21" should get back to being the miles-long party with cheering BC folks and the super athletes running to glory.

Standing outside Southwell House to cheer all of the participants was a lasting memory of undergraduate life at BC.

Listening to the Red Sox game at the office is just not the same.

MA comes in for a lot of criticism, some of it justified; but the whole idea of "Patriots Day" is the best ever.