Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Reading into Spring Football press

Let's take a break from the basketball confusion and focus on a more fun topic: BC Football! It has been a relatively quiet Spring, so all we are left to do is interpret BC's press. Traditionally guys who BC promote to the media are the ones having good Springs. This week it has been Tyler Murphy and Josh Bordner.

Murphy is more critical since he'll likely begin the season as the starter. As the Herald wrote, he's closer to the prototype QB that Addazio wants. I expect much more running than Rettig did last year. Which is good news since there were so many big holes available for our QBs last year.

Bordner might be a more interesting story. Keeping him around as a WR was an interesting tidbit, but the fact BC is pushing him to the press, confirms the transition is going well. We are thin at a skill positions, so whatever Bordner can do -- either as a possession guy or a deep threat -- will be welcome.


dixieagle said...

I'm so glad to be hearing about football; so over the basketball coaching carousel.

mod34b said...

"so whatever Bordner can do -- either as a possession guy or a deep threat -- will be welcome."

Deep threat? What? You've see Bordner run? Guy has offensive lineman speed. Runs a 5.0 40. Slower than Rettig. Would lose footrace to jumbo lineman Bobby Vardaro!

If he has hands, I could see him as short yardage slot receiver. Not a deep threat WR or not a TE

mod34b said...
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Hoib said...

Glad to see Murph looks good. Hopefully we have 2 QBs who are ready to go to start the season. I hope they both will get PT during the season. If you are planning on running the QBS, which I'm glad we are, you need 2 who are ready to go. This way when the likely injury happens your not in too deep of a bind.

Scott said...

Bordner is a 4.7 guy, and they are grooming for the hybrid TE/WR role. The Aaron Hernandez, Jordan Reed tole. Someone big to work the middle and help seal the edge.

JBQ said...

In remembrance: last fire call, 3.26.14, Eddie Walsh (Engine Company 33), Michael Kennedy (Ladder Company 15). I would ask it to be considered that BC wear (33-15) patches.