Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spinelli on the way, Rahon potentially gone

Following rumors and speculation, it looks like Scott Spinelli's deal to join Jim Christian's staff is finally done. Spinelli has strong ties to the rejoin and has successfully recruited many New England players to Maryland. This is the type of recruiter Christian needs on his staff.

One of the things Christian and Spinelli can sell is playing time, because it looks like Joe Rahon is gone. Rahon's future has been in doubt for weeks, so today's report isn't much of a surprise. Supposedly he wants to be a true point guard and as long as Hanlan is around, he cannot be that guy. I don't know if this means Hanlan is returning, but either way, this is a big opportunity for Darryl Hicks. Hicks missed last season with a medical redshirt. Now he should get serious minutes. 

I wish Rahon the best of luck at his next stop, but I don't think he would have been critical to Christian's long term success.


EL MIZ said...

happy to have Spinelli on board. i disagreed with the previous post on assistant coaching - we saw first hand with Donahue that a staff that does very little can be a huge detriment. now we have assistants who have been around legit D1 basketball and who know how to recruit, that will pay dividends.

hopefully this staff learns from the previous one - don't have any sort of mega classes. the biggest i'd go for a class is 4 to even everything out.

with Rahon and Anderson gone, and assuming we have at most one more season of Hanlan, we are looking at the following coming out of Christian's staff's first full recruiting season:

SR: Clifford (if he is able to get a medical redshirt for last season)
JR: Owens, Magarity
SO: Hicks

Tim said...

Gaudreau scored in his first NHL game tonight.