Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wanted: Someone to catch the ball

Due to attrition and lack of talent, BC's needs Wide Receivers. There is some talent among the incoming freshmen, but a freshman is still a freshman. The staff looked for 5th years and even got to the point where they let the current players know that any leads or recommendations on potential WR transfers would be welcome. Nothing of note turned up until reports that a familiar name was back on campus. Phillips would be a nice boost in the arm. He's familiar with Ryan Day and some of the team and showed flashes at UConn when healthy. However, things are never that simple.

Phillips has not graduated according to UConn. For him to be available to play this fall for BC, he needs to finish his degree with UConn this summer. These sort of transfers happen often enough, but Addazio cannot count on Shakim for anything until he is on campus and cleared by the NCAA.

In the meantime expect more 5th year rumors. BC needs help and there should be a few more guys floating around once players graduate this May.


Goberry said...

He needs to graduate? Damn. BC will win the College Football Playoff before a player on UConn's football or men's basketball teams graduates.

Hoib said...

I think our constant lack of quality WR and CB could be rectified w/ a looser approach to admissions. Admitting 4 guys a year for football who are below the line for BC but above the line for NCAA could really helps us to compete in the ACC. At all the other positions over the years we've been able to develop NFL players. Y4 guys out of over 2000 admits are not going to change the class stats.

WI_Eagle said...

This is what we have returning at wide reciever in terms of career catches:

Swigert -- 106 catches -- 83 of which came in 2010 and 2011 before a bum shoulder and blown out knee.

Crimmins -- 10 catches

H. Jackson -- 6 catches

That is all.

eagleboston said...

Sounds like C.J. Parsons is a wanted man. Allegedly beat a homeless man. Stay classy, C.J. Stay classy.

Joseph said...

Good solution, Hoib. Dumb it down. Yikes. Can you get your degree transferred to Alabama?

Bravesbill said...

BC already dumbs it down Joseph.

Hoib said...


I can hear the Joseph's in the Pierre Club telling the Hoibs to trade their degrees for BU ones for suggesting a change to the established recruiting practices. I'll always be a loyal BC fan, but I fear you and your buddies would be content to be the Vandy of the ACC, not this sports fan.