Wednesday, April 30, 2014

When does Jim Christian head to ESPN?

Despite numerous connections through friends and alumni, BC never really took advantage of ESPN's headquarters being down the road in Bristol. Our coaches and players were nonfactors on national TV. It was only after Addazio came on board that we finally had a coach willing and able to do the dog and pony show at ESPN. During his Heisman push, Andre Williams also spent a day down in Connecticut and it was all topped off with Addazio joining the Coaches Broadcast during the BCS Championship game. I know College Football is a bigger deal than college basketball and Addazio is a TV friendly personality, but I hope BC follows the same ESPN-friendly model with Jim Christian.

Despite the coaching change, Christian has some ESPN ready talking points that should carry him through any interview. He's a new coach taking over. The ACC is adding Louisville. Hanlan is coming back and BC should be better than we were last year. Plus there is bound to be a hot topic whenever he visits, that can fill an interview (see: Addazio's Tebow timing). It is not critical what he says or even what shows he gets on during his trip. What matters is the credibility and association with the ESPN family of shows and reporters.

Right now Christian should be focusing on recruiting. He still needs to find a player or two for next year and potential transfers for down the road. But come this summer -- when recruiting hits a quiet period -- Christian needs to get down to Bristol. Those relationships help our recruiting, help public perception and help market the program. Winning games is the most important thing Christian can do, but winning over the Worldwide Leader in Sports is not a bad move.

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