Thursday, May 22, 2014

A BC angle to the World Cup

I love the World Cup. For me it is the perfect sporting event in that the sport is played at a high level, there are multiple, easy to follow storylines, and best of all it comes during one of the traditional slow times in the sports calendar. But despite being the most popular sporting event in the world, there are still plenty of Americans who don't "get" it or worse don't care. If you are BC fan, I offer another reason to get on the World Cup bandwagon: Alejandro Bedoya. The former Eagle just made the final roster for the U.S. Men's Team and should be a critical contributor to the team.

Just by making the team, Bedoya fans can now claim he's BC's all-time greatest soccer player. Charlie Davies' was an exciting USMT player, but his car accident stunted his career and kept him out of any Cup. Other BC guys have had solid professional careers in the U.S. and abroad, but none has made such and deep or talented World Cup roster.

The U.S. received a brutal draw for the Cup, so this whole thing could be over before it even starts. But if the U.S. advances to the knock out stage, it will need Bedoya to have the tournament of his life. He's an Eagle so he knows about excelling at the right time.


Peter said...

Just to add on to this BC soccer post in case any one cares, Justin Luthy (former BC goalkeeper) has been training with the Portland Timbers in MLS this year. Basically been a practice squad player. Keeps him off the roster (MLS has some pretty strict roster and salary cap rules). I doubt he sticks with the team after this year but just in case anyone was wondering.

Also Kyle Bekker is really starting to kill it in Toronto.

chicagofire1871 said...

MLS to Atlanta in 2017.

Start lobbying Arthur Blank for Bedoya Atl!